Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sawah & Orly Should never write: They should date Conservatively--Saturday Night Brain Drain Fun #5:

Saturday Night Brain Drain Fun #5

Dating Conservatively

Well, I thought I would add a Canadian feature this week before heading to, once again, American Right Wing: a group no one can seem to get enough of.

Conservative Dating Service-CHarmony, because being a Neo-con in Canada or in the U.S. must be lonely sometimes: Here's a spoof of an ad which was posted to so many blogs this week, with good reason. However, we must remember that most good humour is derived from truth. I really do wonder if this is how 'wholesome' conservatives mate:

Now onto the Americans:

"Sarah Palin? She's A Dope! Write A Book? She Can't Read A Book!" Don Imus (you all remember that racist shock jock don't you?) from Crooks & Liars

Sarah Palin wrote a book & is set for release in November but already sold many copies on In my Birthday edition of Brain Drain Fun, I took a guess at what the story would be:  a very short one; the other 399 pages would be all pictures.

Well, it seems there are other goodies I never would have guessed in this book. Probably should have added her geography lesson October, 2008: she called Afghanistan “our neighboring country”. Almost forgot about that one. Gee, who needs geography class when we got Sawah Pawin??

Also, David Letterman features Sawah's top 10 tips for writing a book: Watch the video below: 

Incidentally, is having a contest to retitle Sawah's book: Going Rogue: An American Life. They think there are much 'snarkier' title choices & are opening the forum.

Last but certainly not least: the Left's most entertaining wingnut of all time: 
It's ORLY time!!
Well, if we remember correctly, Orly Taitz's client, Connie Rhodes dumped her sorry ass  (background of the Connie Rhodes case here) before taking off to Iraq. The Zsa-Zsa Gabor wannabe accused Judge Land of Treason.  Judge Land gave her two weeks to show cause why he shouldn't fine her 10, 000$ for her conduct. Well, this how she responded: She says Judge Land should recuse himself: here are just two of her crazy rantings in this motion: 
"There is some circumstantial evidence that Judge Clay D. Land may have had extrajudicial and ex-parte contacts with the Obama administration, in particular from Attorney General Eric Holder."

Also:  "A preliminary review of the results of the Honorable Judge Clay D. Land’s public disclosures concerning his investments, it also appears to the undersigned that Judge Land may be disqualified because he has equity ownership of certain securities (e.g. Microsoft and Comcast) which are aligned both politically and economically with a key Defendant in this case, namely the de facto President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, in such a direct and personal way that it could be said that this Judge has a financial stake in the outcome of the former Plaintiff Captain Connie Rhodes’ original case-in-chief."

Funny she would be convinced Judge Land would be in bed with President Obama, given he is a Bush appointee: a Republican. 

According to Texdude from Daily Kos, she even used the phrase, "Batshit Crazy" in her motion. Here is a copy of her motion. In this article, Texdude says that in his 27 years of practising law, he has never seen anything like this.

I wouldn't be surprised if this judge recuses himself simply to save his own mental health; hell, maybe even take sick leave.

Well, that is tonight's edition of Saturday Night Brain Drain Fun, except to say that given rumours of Sawah & Todd splitting & that Orly so obviously has way too much time on her hands, perhaps they should find mates. Perhaps try C-Harmony. But, then, they would both be probably matched up with Dan Quayle, assuming he is still alive, of course.  Oh, wait!! Why should it matter if he's dead or alive? The brain never really clicked. Brain dead would be perfect for those two!!

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