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Neo Cons on Obama Nobel Prize: Tea-Baggers Hostile Take-over of the GOP--Thanksgiving Edition of Brain Drain Fun--Revised

Top eight Neo-con Attacks on Barack Obama winning the 

Nobel Peace Prize, from Huffington Post

Agree or disagree with the decision to award Pres. Obama with the Nobel Peace Prize,  these notable Neo-cons will always find ways of making bigger asses of themselves. Some you've heard.

8. That famous Rush Limbaugh line about the Taliban: "Something has happened here that we all agree with the Taliban and Iran about and that is he doesn't deserve the award.
- Oh Rush, who's the traitor now?  I'd be happy to send you to row-boat!

7. Now for some convaluded logic and wishful thinking (although, sadly, looking more real) from Bill Kristol: "Obama will be kicked out in 2012, based on the fact that the Soviet Union collapsed a year after Mikhail Gorbachev won a Nobel Peace Prize. "
-Billy Boy! If we were to use your logic, Obama would not only be kicked out in 2012; but the U.S. would collapse. Where would you go, then, you bungling fool? 

6. Here's a goody from Glenn Beck, every neo-con's God. This one is particularly funny: "Obama doesn't deserve the prize, but the Tea Party protesters do." He credited an "extraordinarily powerful" global progressive network for bagging Obama the win."
-well, Glenn may have a point about the Tea-bagger's hit-parade; they did show up without guns.

5. Erick Erickson, playing that ol' race card; crying affirmative action here: "President Obama must have been picked to meet some Nobel Peace Prize "affirmative action quota."
-Yes, Erick everytime they award a black man, an angel gets his/her wings

4.  John Bolton, Mr. Mustache here looks like he forgot to take that metamucil in his pic: obviously still sore about not getting confirmed as ambassador to the U.N. He offers nothing interesting unfortunately; just says Obama should have turned down the prize. But go to the site and look at his pic: it just screams alot more than a cheesy mustache, constipation and sour grapes.

3. National Review's Andy McCarthy says the prize is already damaged goods, because Yasser Arafat once won it.
-Well, if the prize is damaged goods, why should he care who wins it from here on out?  Me thinks he's damaged goods.

2. Limbaugh, again: never satisfied not being the biggest ass-hole, so, here's another brilliant quip of his: told Newsweek that "the Nobel gang just suicide-bombed themselves."
- Do I really need to elaborate here?  Maybe he wished he'd done it first.

-Help me out here: delaying his decision to send more troops to win the Nobel? Hmm!  If  Obama's only ambition was to win the peace prize and use whatever stategy to win: wouldn't it have just made more sense to bring home all the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Here's my favourite attack thus far;  from this wingnut, Dick Morris
"The Nobel Prize to Obama: Europe's Bid to re-colonize America": the title of his blog. He seems to think the Norwegians nominated Obama because, get this, Europe needs to conquer the  U.S. in order for European socialism to work. Click the above link to read the rest of his insanity. It is quite entertaining.
Funny, I always thought European countries under socialist governments were doing quite well without the U.S. After all, didn't Norway come first in a U.N. study not long ago?? 

Sad, but even worse, Right-winge Canadian talk-radio hosts just aren't much better. Speaking of Which...

Ryan Doyle's New Buddy
Remember that red-neck host of Toronto's CFRB I'd been ranting about? Well, the evening following his inaccurate and hateful  review of Michael Moore's new movie, ever so proudly announcing that non other than Sean Hannaty was his new ally. 

We all know how credible ol' Sean is don't we? Go view the videos at Red Tory's blog here and the third video will be here. After viewing all the videos, all I saw was an excitable Hannaty with Michael Moore remaining calm and laughing at him during various rants.

Congratz Ryan, now you're like Sean. Time to graduate to Rush  Limbaugh now, boy. 

Tea-baggers Planning Hostile Take over 

...of the GOP

Well, according to Politico, the Tea-Baggers have certainly been busy. In addition to wanting to oust the Obama government in anyway possible, they are also attempting a hostile take-over of the GOP. 
"...tea party forces are confronting the Republican establishment by backing insurgent conservatives and generating their own candidates — even if it means taking on GOP incumbents."

You see, Dick Armey, a former GOP congressman, chairman of the anti-tax and limited government advocacy group FreedomWorks, which helped plan and promote the tea parties, town hall protests and the September ‘Taxpayer March’ in Washington has a problem with certain Incumbent Republican centrists remaining in power.  Long story short: like the bible, they are just not conservative enough:  

If you can’t take it seriously, we will look for places of other employment for you.”

Ah, here once again, is Erick Erickson! (I do wonder if that's his real name?): 

“Grass-roots activists need to start infiltrating the party,” said Erickson. “The only way to start getting [the establishment] back is to start pounding them with every fist we have.” 

Well, he is going easy on the GOP: he's only going to go after them with his fists:  his tea-bagger friends show up to Democrat Town Hall meetings with guns.

Happy Turkey Day, All!

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