Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stevie's Misadventures with the Boob Tube

The following video is dated: it was done when Georgie was still running the show in the U.S. It was submitted to Youtube before the last federal election to warn us of what would surely have been had Stevie won a majority then.

I had an amusing time reading the Toronto Star article about how Ol' Stevie's  Harpercons' feigned shock over his revelation that he prefers to watch American news over Canadian news. Why so shocked, boys??

As soon as I first read the story, this video was the first thing that came to mind. I thought I would post it to my page.

Of course, much has changed since then. A Democrat is running the show and has pretty much made it clear to Ol' Stevie that while he acknowledges his existence, Obama was not going to be his buddy. No matter, I'm sure Ol' Stevie is tuned into the likes of Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity and cheering in front of the ol' boob tube everytime he hears those buffoons knock Obama and talk of him being gone before 2012. Yes, he's indeed counting down the days until a GOP rules the land again and all will be as right as rain again.

He wouldn't specify what American news channel he watches. Gee, let me see now, Hands up if you all believe it's Faux News?? With Glenn Beck and/or Sean Hannity no less?? I seriously doubt he would be tuned into the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC.

He does, however, claim to watch Canadian shows like CTV's Corner Gas, but let's not forget, he did have a cameo on that show, and CTV is a conservative channel. Certainly never thought he would tune into Little Mosque on the Prairie.

I always knew Stevie loved all things American Neo-Con. I have written about them in previous posts. Buckdog's posting from a few years ago is a fairly complete illustration of how Ol' Stevie not only disliked Canada but envied Georgie and Dickie's America. 

In spite of the fact that President Obama is in power and is trying to steer the U.S. somewhat toward the centre or centre-left,  nothing changes much for Stevie. Let him loose with a majority, and it will become Georgie & Dickie American mimicked.

Anyone notice that Ol' Stevie seems to be lost without his ol' buddy, Georgie?

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