Friday, October 9, 2009

OK, Right-Wing Radio Hosts! Quit the Obama Bashing Already

I don't know why we leave the radio on in the kitchen. I truly don't. Perhaps it's to discourage potential mice from hybernating there. Yah, that must be it!

Perhaps President Obama isn't the first choice for many to win the Nobel Peace Prize. However, I can understand the rationale behind it. Eight years of Georgie brought darkness & a sense of helplessness to the U.S. Wars that aren't winnable with much blood shed & financial cost at the expense of his own citizens' welfare, favours for his buddies from Goldmann Sachs & rest of Wall Street & of course, his oily buddies.

Perhaps President Obama bit off more than he can chew; I mean, he underestimated the power of the lies of Faux News. He underestimated the GOP. As such, he hasn't been able to accomplish that much, but to be fair, I don't think anyone can undo eight years of  damage caused by Georgie & Dickie inside one year. 

Contrary to popular belief, Obama is not a communist or even a socialist; he's actually a centrist & yes, even a capitalist to some degree. Just not that Ayn Randian type who worships utopic capitalism the way the GOP would like. 

President Obama comes on the scene calling for change, cooperation of the world & to undo the bad reputation Georgie created. He brought hope to not only his own citizens but also a world who shook their heads for eight long years.

Inspite of all the trouble Obama is having with the Neo-Cons, tea-baggers, Birthers, GOP & yes, the Blue dogs, he continues making an effort. Just half the trouble he's had would send anybody to not only quit, but perhaps flee the country.

Yes, there were probably more deserving people for the Nobel Peace Prize. No question. Too much too soon? Definitely. However, the right wing radio show hosts are having fun bashing Obama. What's next? Are they going to follow the likes of Glenn Beck & Rush Limbaugh & their ilk & start another tea-bagger movement? 

Nice touch some of you for actually blaming Norwegian socialism as well.

Mr. Doyle, Stop using the word 'socialism' as if it were derogitory & don't use words you clearly don't understand. Didn't they teach you that at radio school? Or even in high school composition class?

Your show segments today show your hypocrisy; particularly Dan Cook & Ryan Doyle! Funny you give the list of things Obama hasn't accomplished, namely closing Guantanamo, stopping the wars in the Middle-East, watered down health care reform. I have heard your previous shows: you don't want the wars to stop, you want him to go to war in Iran, hell, you disagree with his trying to reform health care so that all can be covered. Granted, it's been watered down much to mine & other compassionate folks' chagrin; but that's what you want.

Dan Cook & Ryan Doyle! Get over it! The fact is, he won & he's apparently giving the cash prize to charity. Move on now! 

Same goes for every neo-con. Every neo-con's Alaskan wet dream called Sawah is never going to be President of the U.S.

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