Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Moronic Media In Canada

Canadian media honestly sinks lower and lower every day. We get the likes of L. Ian MacDonald of the Montreal Gazette who is  and always will be the cheerleader for Stevie and the Harpercons. Doesn't matter what they do, MacDonald finds a way to blame the Liberals or another party or other members Left of Centre.

You've already heard me ranting about CFRB's Ryan Doyle, who is racist, uses Sean Hannity to give himself validation, goes manic with joy when something bad happens to other folks, especially the left;  a radio announcer who if not for that pesky entity known as the CRTC, he would be the next Glenn Beck sucking up to the likes of Rush Limbaugh.  Like Limbeaugh and Beck, he needs to be seriously medicated.

Alot of other radio talk show hosts are not that much better than what garbage Doyle has to offer. 

Now, I'm used to Quebec being maligned in the media. Most journalists outside of Quebec just don't get it. Their reaction to the Supreme court decision displayed the wrong info. They didn't declare the law unconstitutional; just certain elements.  Naomi Lakritz from the Calgary Herald,  takes ignorance concerning Quebec politics and culture to whole new heights. She seems to  find a way to link Pauline Marois's huffing and puffing and the Quebec Liberals' political posturing over the Supreme Court decision concerning Bill 104, the language law and the Van Doos. Not only can she not link the two, but she so obviously has no clue about neither.   Naomi, buy some history books and learn something will you? We are not spoiled children, you, on the other hand write like a spoiled fifth grader.

Now from the Calgary Sun. Read it if you dare, I couldn't believe this rag's editor actually allowed this drivel by Ian Robinson to be published. With all the journalists out of work these days, this is the best The Calgary Sun has to offer?? How offensive!! That has got to be the most sexist article I ever read. He likes right-winged women better because they serve steak and wear heels?  Choke on your damned steak pal! Red meat kills! What's more, he has proven himself shallow portraying left winged women as hairy, plain women who are obsessed with organic food.  When he says: 

"The left has Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg.
We've got Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Checkmate." 
He tells me that he prefers to have an accessory hanging from his arm, like a bracelet rather than someone with actual brain cells capable of intelligible thought. 
Again, who allowed this drivel to be published? Is this the Ezra Levant machine encouraging this kind of free speech? That has got to be the most offensive Canadian publication I have ever seen. Sadly, something tells me, I'm going to see and hear a lot worse down the road. 

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