Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Moronic Media in Canada: Additional Snark

Oh, Ian Robinson of Calgary Sun; when you mentioned checkmate to having Elisabeth Hasselbeck, can you also take these three very 'hot' conservative chicks? Wendy Sullivan, Kathy Shaidle and Denyse O Leary with you? See if you can convince them to go to a gym before coming home to fetch your slippers and cook your steak. I would provide pictures, but then, I would look like a  Conservative dating service and I don't want to compete with C-Harmony. 

I believe one is married and the other two seem really hard up for a date these days.
"Because most of them have careers and work hard," (speaking of Right winged Libertarian women). Yes, Wendy, Kathy and Denyse all work hard at their careers. They're fund raisers... for donations on their blogs.

Checkmate, Dude!

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