Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ChecqueGate, Iggy's Capitulation and other coincidences and No one Cares

There are indeed too many coincidences in the events of Canadian politics as of late.
Checque-gate has created quite the scandal and that doesn't seem to lower the Harpercon numbers. Funny, how neo-cons in Canada still love to go after the Liberals for their past transgressions. They write checques signed by Harpercon MPs for con ridings as if they were Santa Claus, bankrolled by every Canadian tax-payer. Pale from A Creative Revolution wrote a great piece on the subject. Below is what a Harpercon checque would look like designed by Pale of ACR. I must say, I got quite a chuckle from it.

Designed by Pale Cold of ACR

An analysis by the Globe and Mail shows that Harpercons spent 2.2 million in Stevie's playgrounds as opposed to 1.5 million $ in opposition ridings.  In Toronto, a normally liberal city with Harpercon popularity growing received 38% less than other Harpercon ridings in Ontario according to Toronto Star.  Ol' Stevie sure has a funny way of thanking Toronto for its' growing support. Still, I venture to guess that his numbers won't go down there. 

Even Gerry Nicholls, an old buddy of Stevie's is criticizing him: 

"When I worked with Stephen Harper at the National Citizens' Coalition, this kind of stuff used to drive him crazy when governments would use public money for partisan purposes."
(Gerry Nicholls, CBC National, October 19, 2009)

The Liberals go after the Harpercons about the checque with Harpercon logo submitted by Gerald Keddy and the partisan spending, something as lead of an opposition party should do.   However, enter L. Ian MacDonald of The Gazette to find a way to not only criticize this move but also chastising the Liberals for their past transgressions . Wow, of course, nobody in Harpercon land in the world according to L. Ian can do wrong and if they do, it will always pale in comparison with things like the sponsorship scandal. 

Funny how the N.D.P. and even the Bloc Quebecois aren't saying very much about this or much else these days. The N.D.P. is in the business of propping Harpercons these days, but how come Gilles Duceppe has not jumped all over this, given Quebec would get the shorter end of the stick given the poor numbers for Stevie?  Makes me as I'm sure other Quebecers wonder what Duceppe is thinking of.

Iggy has now, sort of,  capitulated. He won't prop the Harpercons anymore, but he will no longer try to trigger an election neither. He is now listening to his PR people and serving Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless at a mission and visiting pre-schoolers. All well and good, but it seems that ol' Stevie's lip-synching and playing a mechanical piano, butchering the Beatles and his playing cards at a well to do senior's residence in Calgary get far more attention.

Now that Iggy has softened his position somewhat, here comes a poison pill. Rob Nicholson announces a proposed bill that would get somewhat tougher on white collar crimes, such as manditory two year sentences for those convicted.  Tougher laws on white collar crime is something most Canadians want to see happen. Something the N.D.P. and the Liberals parties would get behind, despite the fact they didn't like the way Nicholson was "disrespecting paliament" and were "using victims of crime in this country for pure political reasons..."  Gilles Duceppe feels that it doesn't go far enough: he argued that the government could do more by cracking down on parole for white-collar criminals, and access to tax havens, than with two-year minimum sentences for million-dollar frauds. I agree with him. I also think the victims of white collar crime should be compensated the same way as if they were a victim of a violent crime, but I digress.

Hell, gotta say, Nicholson's got impecable  timing. Let's do our good deed before Checquegate and partisan spending scandals go further. Must be nice for Stevie to have guard dogs at Parliament Hill. Will this raise their numbers? Probably. After all, Stevie comes off as the savior in the blue sweater vest.

Whether or not this new bill; whether it passes (and it surely will) or not, this won't change much. It seems Canadians are hell-bent on continuing this Harpercon love fest.

With Iggy's putting on the brakes, watch how Canadians will use the double standard. Perhaps not now, but sometime in 2010, Stevie will find a way to call an election. Will Canadians get as mad at ol' Stevie as they got with Iggy when he threw the gauntlet down at the end of summer? I don't think so. In fact, I think they will embrace it. Finally their time to have a Harpercon majority. 

Like I have said many times before, I don't think Iggy is suitable as a leader and these publicity stunts he's been pulling are probably too little too late. Proof of that is Stevie's singing and card playing get more attention. My question is, if the Liberals somehow found a way to get rid of Iggy and the internal squabbling ceases, would it be enough to change Canadian voter's minds? Or is the Stevie love fest going to continue for the foreseeable future? 

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Anonymous said...

Oh please Mother of Mary (whoever tf that is) please let it be done/finished/over/never again/please. There isn't even a lovefest going on, which then maybe I could understand, but this hopeless partisan.............May Iggy and Harper have a meet-up at an agreed upon location and leave us all alone.