Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Canada worse than former Soviet-Union?? Some seem to think so

Ok, bear with me here, I'm a new blogger as you all know. I'm sure most of you reading here must have heard of Kathy Shaidle at Five Feet of Fury.  Well, I just caught something completely and utterly preposterous at her page earlier today. So many posts in one day! Wow! Well, I guess she doesn't have a job and given her postings so obviously have none or very little thought to them, it wouldn't take much to zip through them. Since there is no hyper links for each of her postings: the title is: 

Canada now ranked less free than former fascist, Soviet nations

YEP, in the world according to Kathy, we are persecuted by the big bad Human Rights Commission. Does she even understand what they are? Or does she just regurgitate whatever her idol Ezra Levant or Mark Steyn say??

I've heard alot of neo-con arguments as to why section 13 of the CRHC must go and none of them strong enough, but this one, took the cake for me.

Poor Kathy and her idols and her .... her.... friends?? (don't know what to call them, really, the shrew sisterhood??). She hasn't a clue as to what life was really like in the former Soviet Union or the other former eastern block countries. Wonder if she ever met a defector?  I have, and they are extremely happy to be in Canada and no, they don't feel restricted.

The U.S.A. , a place most of these Neo-Cons idolize and I'm sure Kathy is of  no exception, restricts freedom of expression more so than Canada. They ban books! Books like Winnie the Pooh, To Kill a Mockingbird, the list is long and the reasons for banning them are ridiculous.

Ironically, Kathy doesn't enable comments on her page. Isn't that....impeding freedom of expression? Granted it's her blog, she can do whatever the hell she likes, but if she's going to preach the sanctity of absolute freedom of expression, shouldn't she welcome comments??

Other neo-con bloggers are the same way. I apparently can't comment on Denyse O Leary's page neither. Didn't try Girlontheright's comment board; something tells me I would be wasting the energy in my fingers to type it as it wouldn't show up.

I did comment once on a posting on Ezra Levant's site awhile ago regarding the victory for that neo-nazy homophobic thug, Marc Lemire. He allowed my comment, but his fans were relentless. One of them even threatened to sue me.

When the Globe and Mail published the story, most of the commentators were celebrating this. When I ranted and called them all white supremacists, I got accused of libel and my comment was deleted.

Another example of hypocrisy from Neo-Cons, I guess.  Freedom of expression is only applicable to them and not the looney left. Why are they so scared?


Simon said...

Good post C.K. !! I must say your blogging debut has been AWESOME...and I'm enjoying it enormously :)
But try to stay away from nasty places like Shittle's blog. Because the stench will follow you home.Believe me I know.
These people are diseased and they should really be ignored...

Anonymous said...

The fact that a site doesn't allow comments speaks more to that person not wanting his/her views shattered by outside comments or is fearful of being bombarded by the truth.

It's worked in totalitarian states for so long so why shouldn't it work for Kathy?

There's somethingn about "deaf ears" but I can't remember what it is. Oh, yes, I just learned about Harper admitting to not watching Canadian newscasts. And some wonder why we're headed downhill.

CK said...

Simon, Thanks for your encouragement. I know I should stay away from those blogs. I'm afraid that one of my character flaws is morbid curiosity, which is why I sometimes actually look at those wingnut pages.

Torontonian, I think Stevie watches Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity on Fox News. I mean, why else would he keep mum about his fave American channels? I seriously doubt that he watches Rachel Maddow.

Also, Kathy isn't alone in fending off those who oppose her. Sadly, as I pointed out, Unbridled free speech is only applicable to them. They think everyone else is just, well, toxic and evil.