Thursday, October 8, 2009

Anybody Going to Swallow Stevie's Upcoming Poison Pill?

A poison pill indeed & this time, all will swallow it. According to the latest Ekos poll, the Harpercons are well within grasp of a majority.  I know, I know, Canadians don't want an election....supposedly. If one were to read the comment boards of this article, it would seem that most are cheering for the oncoming Stevie majority. Don't be fooled, they want an election yesterday. Stevie knows it.

So, what's next? A poison pill of course. Another confidance motion that all the opposition parties are sure to not vote on.

What would it be? Well, one thing I can think of is not only scrapping the gun registry but also waiving the registration fees. Now, here is the catch 22: The N.D.P., the Liberals & the Bloc have all been always for keeping the gun registry.  They would look foolish if they voted along with such a motion & I don't even think Jack will sacrifice his principles that far.  Then we go to election where Stevie can finally have his precious majority. Stevie would find himself in a win-win situation. If one party does somehow vote along with this, the gun registry is scrapped & if the motion doesn't pass, we go back to the polls & Stevie can get his majority & he would scrap the gun registry & most likely, eliminate gun control altogether.

Another possibility is the possibility of an extension past the 2011 deadline in Afghanistan which I wrote about earlier this evening here.  I don't think it's a coincidence the CBC would be publishing this today, shortly after printing the latest EKOS poll, nor is it a coincidence that Petey would be talking about this today. Whether or not Stevie made some kind of backroom deal with President Obama, this surely must become a confidance motion. 

Again, none of the opposition parties will support this. Layton voted against extending the mission to 2011 in 2008; should he vote for another extension this time; he would be hammering the final nail in his political coffin. Iggy still plans to go against anything & everything & this wouldn't be any different. In spite of the fact that Stephane Dion voted with the Harpercons for the extension, the Liberals have a new leader & thusfar, Iggy has proven to distance himself from Dion. The Bloc won't vote for it because, Quebec is where the Afghan war is the least popular. 

However, unlike the gun registry, could extending the war in Afghanistan lower Stevie's numbers? Only time will tell.  It seems that many Canadians, even outside Quebec are tired of this war & want to bring the troops home now.  IF the war is that unpopular, Stevie's numbers should reflect this. Could it be wishful thinking on my part?

On the other hand, Canadians have proven that they will sacrifice anything to get a precious majority in parliament so they won't have to worry about fitting five minutes into their schedules to go to the polls for at least another four years. Why wouldn't these same Canadians be willing to have Stevie extend the mission to this end?

The possibilities for more poison pills do seem to be endless for Stevie these days.  I bet he's probably cursing out the N.D.P. for voting with him in the last non-confidance motion.

Either way, reading about the state of our politicians & the looming possibility of a Harpercon majority is just ghoulish.


Geordie Tom said...

The easy way to avoid your hyperthetical 'poison pill' is to have an open, unwipped vote on the registry. There will be enough votes for the abolition of the registry, including rural Liberal members, to have it pass.

CK said...

Do you really think that Geordie? Do Canadians really want to have the right to pack a gun & tote it everywhere they go like in the U.S.?