Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wheeling & Dealing Hypocrisy in Afghanistan

Why is this a suprise? I knew it: I would hazzard a guess that even most journalists knew it. Now the CBC has just come out with a story that Peter MacKay, the federal defense minister, saying that we will stay in Afghanistan past 2011; but not in a combat role. He also says that we're going to stay to help with 'reconstruction' (nice to clean up after a party ain't it?) &  train the Afghan Security forces. Weren't those the same forces who abused young children?. Yikes! 

Yah! Right! If you believe that it would not be a combat role, I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you. 

When asked how our soldiers would go about this so-called mission with the resurgency of the Taliban. Petey simply avoided the question.  I think we have our answer right there. Of course it will continue to be a combat mission, and for what? I say to hell with that 2011 deadline & pull out NOW!!

This war is not winnable. Even the Soviets cut their losses, packed up & left in the 80s. We would all do well to do the same.  How many more soldiers have to lose their lives in vain?  Jonathan Couturier, a young soldier who was killed last month told us through his family that this war effort was useless. Do we even remember why we're there?

Retaliation for 9/11 on Georgie's behalf. Pure & Simple. War on Terror? How is the pursuance of Osama Binladen & his merry band of bushwhacking thugs going? With all the intelligence we have at our avail, how come we haven't caught & prosecuted them? They're the ones responsable for the attrocities committed at 9/11. 

We tried telling ourselves this was to free the Afghan people from the Taliban. Anyone see the hypocrisy here? The Taliban have ruled over Afghanistan for many years. We never cared about them before 9/11. The longer we stay & destroy the Afghan homes & kill their citizens, the more they don't want us there. In fact, there are Afghan citizens who actually prefer the Taliban over the current situation. To them, Taliban rule is all they know; they felt secure with them

Now, I'm not saying that the Taliban are warm & fuzzy people. I know that they're crazy Islamic Extremist wingnuts, misogynists & thugs, but if the Afghan people were satisfied with life under them, who are we to upset that apple cart?

How is the Karzai government much better? Why are we willing to shed our blood & throw bad money after bad for this government? After all, he, himself legalized spousal rape. His government has proven time & again to be corrupt. The last election was a joke, taking over a month to decide the results. As mentioned above, Afghan forces are physically & sexually abusing young children. Yet, we are willing to turn a blind eye to all of this. How come? Either way, I venture to guess that if/when we leave, the Taliban will be right back at the helm anyway. 

Ol' Stevie hasn't come out to confirm his flunky's statement today, but knowing what kind of war monger he is, will he jump at this? You betcha! 

We mustn't forget that General McChrystal, the top NATO commander has been pressuring President Obama as of late to send more troops. Not a great time to demand  a struggling president who is trying to extricate himself from both wars. 

Stevie rushed to pester Obama last month to plead with him to loosen up on his "Buy American"  policies. We heard recently that Canada is exempt. Now, I don't think President Obama simply granted Stevie's wish simply to be rid of Georgie's lost pet.  The exchange was the provinces would open its' markets to the U.S.  Hmm, not as simple as that.  I think Stevie had to promise Obama Canada would continue the bulk of the mission so Obama can begin ending the American part of this senseless war.

It's time to pull out now. Forget the 2011 deadline, after all, if Petey can decide to stay longer inspite of their agreement with the Liberals under Stephane Dion at the time; Canada can surely decide to pull out earlier. Having the United States loosen it's "Buy American" policy just isn't worth it.


Simon said...

Hi CK...good post. I agree with everything you say. Except that I am happy that this should provide us with even more ammunition to fight the Cons. It's absurd to believe that any soldiers in Afghanistan could serve in a non-combat mission with the Taliban running around all over the place. This doomed mission has now gone on almost twice as long as the Second World War, and the sooner it's over the better...

CK said...

Hey Simon, Thanks. I also hope you're right. I ask that same question in my other posting this evening, Anybody going to swallow Stevie's Upcoming Poison Pill?
I do hope you're right.