Friday, October 2, 2009

Bye Bye Bernie!!

'Bye Bye Bernie!' is what Mayor Tremblay should be saying to this capatialist, racist, misogynistic buffoon. However, he is not telling him that of course. 

Exactly as I pointed out in Wrong Formula Montreal..., it would only be a matter of time before Ol' Bernie would threaten to pull the Grand Prix out of Montreal yet again. This time, it's because the negotiations aren't going fast enough it would seem. Bernie would have our Government officials & Normand Legault sign away the keys to the city & sometimes I wonder if that is exactly what Tremblay would be willing to do. 

Tremblay has no comment to offer on this except to say that he is taking the time they need until a deal is signed. Funny, considering signed deals with Ecclestone don't seem to be worth much more than the paper they're written on. His pulling out of the 2009 race is proof enough of that.

If I were Tremblay, I would say bye bye...forever! We survived just fine without the race here in town. We still had the NASCAR event.

Good for the city, my ass. How is this good for average Montrealers? It's only good for Hotel operators & restauranteurs regular Montrealers can't afford to begin with to triple their prices.
We pay the taxes & private enterprise counts their cash before it's made & the Champagne & caviar crowd play for the week-end. Yah, real good for Montreal. 

What shocks me is how alot of Montrealers seem to think we should do anything to have the race here. Who cares about what ol' Bernie has said on various issues & his questionable code of ethics?? I heard one caller on CJAD even say something like, "We're coming down too hard on him (Ecclestone)". Too hard on him?? No, not hard enough in my view. 

The tax payers should not have to foot the bill for this week-end of playtime for the Champagne & caviar crowd. More importantly, we should not even be entertaining the likes of this anti-semetic, Hitler praising, totalitarian loving, misogynist. Go to my posting at the link above for all his quotes & after you read them, can you or anybody else honestly tell me we should be practically giving our city to the likes of ol' Bernie & his ilk?

All together now: BYE BYE BERNIE!! And DO let the door hit you on the way out!

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