Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stevie and GSK: Either Stand by your Product Or Shut Up!

In my posting about the H1N1 vaccination, I found out the disturbing thing about Glaxo Kline Smith and Stevie and his Harpercons: none of them wish to put out a no-fault compensation program should folks be injured by this untested vaccine.

I got lambasted for it by alot of folks. Been called greedy. No, I'm not greedy. Most of us need to work for a living. If we develop something debilitating such as Guillain Barre's Syndrome or anything just as bad or worse, how will we be able to support ourselves?

A friend of mine has written the insurance carrier and pay and benefits administrator at his job to ask if he would be eligible for salary disability insurance should he get injured by this vaccine. I hope he doesn't get fired for asking.

In the video below, Carolyn Bennett attempts to express her concerns for the effects of adjuvent or non-adjuvent vaccine on pregnant women. In true Harpercon fashion, instead of addressing her concerns (not to mention, the concerns of many others), they laugh and heckle at her. Great! Clearly, they have the attention span of six year olds. Of course, she has yet to receive an apology for Harpercon immaturity and incivility.

At Antonia Z.'s page, she demonstrates the irony of neo-con pro-lifers. 

Another irony, they go off in a huff when there are protestors around.  However, incivility on their part is perfectly acceptable, particularly when women speak.

Harpercons yelling, "You're the only one confused, Carolyn,"  

No Ass-holes!! The Canadian population at large is confused and scared. You attempt to scare all of us into submitting to be guinea pigs for this untested vaccine, when that fails, it's marketing by guilt: the ol' don't do it for yourself ; do it for someone you love; do it to be responsible. Either stand by your product or Shut up!!

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