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Iggy Sinking the Ship: Harpercons Winning Without Much Effort: What are Canadians willing to Sacrifice to Avoid going to Polls?

Let's revisit a question I asked in Canadian Political Parties-One Unhappy Disfunctional Family shall we?
"Harpercons are poised to  gain a majority government if an election were held today. What's funnier is I'm not really sure why. Is it because Canadians are really becoming more Libertarian; more attracted to the GOP way of life? Or is it because the Liberals are soooo disfunctional with an unsuitable leader?  Or perhaps whiny Canadian voters are just soooo tired of going to the polls that they would jump in with both feet first & vote Harpercons in because they have the best shot at a majority, which is something most Canadians seem to want; nothing to do with what Harpercons would do or not do"

I also invite you to answer the poll question on the side bar. I, for one, would be very interested in this result. 

Montreal Simon is frustrated with this week's developments in politics & his frustrations are shared by most & rightfully so. Click on the link to read his posting. Between the Harpercon numbers going up, jeers for Layton & the N.D.P. for supporting the Harpercons & the temper tantrum of Denis Coderre, the situation is indeed a frightening one. 

Furthermore, the ads of Iggy in the woods & everything else he has tried is failing miserably. The fact that he distanced himself from that Christmas Coalition failed as well. 

The only good strategic decision he made was overriding Denis Coderre earlier this week about the riding of Outremont & we owe a thanks to the latest candidate to throw her hat into the Quebec Federal Liberal ring by telling Iggy she would prefer to run in Jeanne Le Ber & to allow the Outremont nomination to go to Martin Cauchon who held Outremont for eleven years before resigning. However, that seemed to also backfire given the hissy-fit Coderre had, resigning his post in a huff. While I don't agree with how Coderre handled himself, I think Iggy threatening sanctions like throwing him out of caucus would be a huge blunder. However, it looks like Coderre & Iggy may reach some kind of understanding.

Harper's MIA from the UN climate talks & UN speeches proved what Iggy said about Canada losing its' place on the world stage, but that doesn't seem to work neither.

Montreal Simon seems to believe that Iggy is just plugging way too fast instead of stepping back to correct some of the problems within the Liberals. Here his a cartoon by André-Philippe Coté of Le Soleil which was posted on Montreal Simon today.  Simon  translated the caption to English

Besides the fact that Iggy is the biggest problem with the Liberal party is Iggy himself, why are his efforts failing so miserably? This is two leaders in a row who will never ever be prime-minister. The fact that Dion, being from the Chretien faction & a French speaking Quebecer, usually a winner failed. This is where I wonder if any leader of the Liberal Party can win. If so, they'd better return with someone from the old Chretien/Trudeau Camp. 

Also, Jack Layton should be thanked for saving us from a Harpercon majority & not chastised. Let's appreciate this for now because we don't know how much longer Layton & the N.D.P. can keep propping ol' Stevie up.

It's about time the Liberals & the N.D.P.  merged. I think that this is the only way to keep Harpercons out. After all, it is thanks to the CA & PC merge that Ol' Stevie is in power today. A merger would also avoid the problem of a coalition which a lot of Canadians seem to whine about.

A Creative Revolution has done more than a good job of reminding Canadians who the Harpercon clan really is and answer the question some Canadians have: What more Harper can do if had a majority? Below is a video produced  by A Creative Revolution summarizing what Harpercons have done & who his merry band of disciples are. Really worth a view & the music so fitting especially with that Halloween-ish tone.

What is really frustrating is Ol' Stevie is fairing quite well in the polls these days. Apparently, recent events have not moved Canadian voters.  His video behind closed doors & his No-show at the UN climate talks in favour of lunch with Mayor Bloomberg & skipping the UN speeches in favour of donuts at Timmy's doesn't seem to appall Canadians. 

Then there are commentators from various newspages who actually suggest that we suck up a Harper con majority for four years, thus giving the Liberals ample time to get their shit together to win the next election. Well, read the following links & list below: Take a good look at what Ol' Stevie & his Harpercons can accomplish in four years:  Is this what we really want?

Read more extensively what a Harpercon majority would accomplish here.
If anyone needs a refresher course of ol' Stevie's fantasies; here are some quotes from & about him.  Want to know how many "friends" he dumped? A long-due trip down memory lane, perhaps?  How his true blue colours come creeping out? Read all about that here.

Canadians who would vote in Harpercons: I suggest strongly that you read the above links & view the above video before signing Canada away to this neo-con. Especially to Centrists, I'm sure you would really not like  what a Harpercon majority would do. 

Here are just some highlights of what would be sure to happen: 

  1. A two-tiered American Health care system mirroring exactly that of the American nightmare of a system.
  2. Abortion will be criminalized.
  3. Deep cuts in Gov't. services
  4. That new temporary EI bill will go out the window & I venture to say we will no longer have EI
  5. Fewer transfers to the Provinces (except for Alberta of course)
  6. Our same-sex marriage legislation reversed
  7. More Corporate Tax cuts on the backs of the Canadian working class.
  8. No more Canada Pension Plan & Old Age Pension
  9. The war in Afghanistan will probably be prolonged. 
Harper chastises Quebec 'separatists'. Perhaps we all need reminding about a letter he wrote during his hay day as President of the National Citizens' Coalition, suggesting Alberta build a firewall around itself.  If ol' Stevie gets that majority, he will no doubt revisit this issue.

You can also read my previous postings about Ol' Stevie to get some quotes.

Many of us probably wish there was a way for the Liberals to oust Iggy now, without a federal election & there probably is a way, but that has problems: 

  1. If Iggy is ousted, this would be a perfect time for ol' Stevie to trigger an election & a Harpercon majority would be certain.
  2. Who would & could lead the Liberals this time? And not another care-taker; someone who can actually win a Liberal Majority? Not Bob Rae: Gilles  Duceppe, as well as Harpercons would capitalize on his transgressions in Ontario way back when. Also, has Ontario, a battleground province, forgiven Rae? 
Unfortunately, we'll have to stick with Iggy for awhile longer & hopefully he can get some new PR people to sell his package better. Best case scenario: "I will say it again! Iggy & Jack: stop fighting &amp start playing nicely! Merge already!"

Is it really worth living living in a Canada we no longer recognize to save a little trip to the polling station on the way home from work??

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