Friday, October 9, 2009

Negative Election Campaign: Crazy Enough It May Just Work

No not talking about the Federal disfunctional family.

Talking about Montreal's upcoming municipal election. Yeah, I know, BORING! You would be right for the most part. I, like so many others, aren't really paying as much  attention as with the Feds. There are not even that many billboards up. Some door to door campaigning; but not much fanfare.

You know all the typical campaign promises politicians recite to their consituents; lower taxes, better services, yata yata yata.

Well, something in that rhythim just broke. Mayor Gerald Tremblay, the incumbent  announced that he was going to raise property taxes! Wrong medication or he's trying to be honest or even that old negative thing that draws the morbidly curious; I don't know.

I remember when in Graphics school, my visual communications teacher told us of a restaurant in New York City with big signs all over bragging bad food & lousy service. It drew many: it was even hard to get a table there. 

Like that restaurant in New York City, Mayor Tremblay's admission of raising property taxes while in campaign mode might just be crazy enough to work.

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