Monday, October 5, 2009

The Shock Jock Wannabe of Toronto! RANT ALERT!!

He really is! That's right! I am talking about Ryan Doyle. I swear Rush Limbaugh must be his hero. His show is, unfortunately, is simulcast with CJAD here in Montreal. Ok, why should I be this shocked? After all, a large group of these Astral Radio hosts are right-winged, but I would like to believe that the right-leaning hosts here in Montreal would at least have the decency to not praise things like privatized health care & Dead Peasant Insurance or condemn a factory sit-in of hard working citizens laid off without even their pay checque. Apparently, like most of these American shock jocks, Ryan Doyle has no shame in showing good ol' fashion American type hate.

I remember he did a show actually trashing our health care system & even played that Shona Holmes commercial over the air as if it were the gospel truth: long after it was established that she had lied. I had written him a scathing email; full rant mode & it never got answered. So, I don't email him anymore.

I also remember getting offended when he suggested Canada didn't didn't do enough to foreign nationals when found guilty of terrorism. Well, Canada deports them & /or imprisons them; same as any foreign national found guilty of a crime. I was wondering if he wanted Canada to bring the death penalty back. His rantings were scary. But, I let it go.

But this evening, he REALLY went beyond American wingnut when he trashed not only the new Michael Moore movie, Capitalism, a Love Story AND trashing Michael Moore himself but also trashed the patrons at the theatre for either cheering for a good scene like the workers' sit-in at the factory or for booing ol' Georgie.

Now, if he has wet dreams about capitalism, especially the American way of governing & doing business, that's one thing; I have disdain for it, but ok, many folks do for God knows what reason.

Doyle LOVES Dead Peasant Insurance
his...THIS...AAARRRGGGHH!! excuse of a radio host actually praised Dead Peasant's insurance!! To paraphrase him: 'if Astral Media were to take out a life insurance policy on my life; more power to 'em!' What's more, he was practically manic!! He even had the balls to say that it was basically no more immoral than a regular person taking out life insurance for his/her loved ones. How dare he? Is he that callous or that stupid? He thought Moore's interviewing the families such as the Walmart family was uh well, don't quite remember the adjective; so let's say, contempt. Well, Ryan, as a rule, most Walmart employees earn barely above minimum wage, thus, whatever life insurance was purchased by this family probably didn't yield as much as the cool 80,000$-plus Walmart yielded on that poor woman's life, while this man does the best he can raise his kids alone. They don't deserve help Ryan?? 

Doyle apparently endorses slave labour
Next, how dare you, so callously ask why the cops never showed up to Republic Door & Window to arrest the 240 workers sitting in?? Did you miss the part where they didn't get their last hard-earned wages?? Do you support slave labour, Mr. Doyle?? Because in condemning those people, you basically endorsed slave labour on the air!! Thanks largely in part to Moore's filming of this event, the workers not only got their wages, but the company was bought out & they're going back to work! What is soooo terrible about that?? Don't you right-winged types believe everyone should work for a living & not draw social-assistance or E.I. ? Or do you think if they're not in view or not heard, they don't exist in your perfect little world?? What the hell happened to responsable media?? I honestly hope Astral Media catches this. I really do, simply because I would be curious to know if your employer  told you they decided that you were no longer going to draw a salary; what would you do? What if they canned you tomorrow without your last pay-checque??

Of course it's normal for most of the patrons to cheer these workers at the sit-in on!! We all like it when the little guy successfully takes on the big guy!

Michael Moore is a corporation that nauseates him
Oh really? Yah, he makes money from his films, but check out how much of it goes to various charities. Not that you would care!  Nauseating? That's ok, because basically, hearing your pompous voice pontificating your Ultra-right winged propoganda makes me want to dive head first into my own vomit! 

Oh, you love the States so much? Something you should know. Globe & Mail, yes! A paper you should love, came out with a story today. A study done by the UN ranked Canada  #4; The U.S. ranks #13. Oh, and to paraphrase ol' Stevie, 'Canada is a Northern European Welfare state of the worst kind....'. Well, such a northern European welfare state came topped off at #1: Norway.

A Dare for Doyle 
You love Capitalism so much? You're a proud Libertarian? Put your money where your mouth is! 

  1. Cut your OHIP card up & pay cash at the Cleveland clinic or some other private clinic around the TO area; 
  2. Don't plan on retiring unless you saved up all your money; don't take out old age pension or CPP
  3. If you lose your job & I have read about the mass cuts from Astral Radio stations here in Montreal & in TO in the various newspapers; it is possible that you lose your job; don't collect EI
  4. If you get hurt on the job; don't collect workman's comp
  5. Don't drive on the roads; paid for by the government
  6. Don't eat wheat, meat, dairy or produce; those farms are government sponsored
  7. Don't go to any museums, national parks, etc. Government funded
  8. If you get robbed or some other crime occurred; don't call the police; they work for the government
  9. If your house catches fire; don't call the fire department
  10. Don't send your kids to public school
  11. Don't use tap water or flush the toilet
Well, are you game?


Simon said...

hi CK...Gawd. What is happening to CJAD? I leave Montreal for a couple of years and the anglos go right-wing? On the other hand now that The Gazette is up for sale do you think you and I should buy it and turn it into a left-wing rag? :)

CK said...

Hey, Simon, Yeah, if you got the cash; or got potential partners with cash, by all means, buy the Gazette! Perhaps we can turn it once again into something to be proud of.

Yeah, CJAD, right wing for the most part; has been for the past few years, but as I pointed out above, I would like to believe (as discouraged as I am these days; I need something to believe in), that CJAD hosts would not be that offensive as that Ryan Doyle.

Oh, update to all Readers: That ass-hole went back on the air trashing Moore's new movie again; this time with the help from a buddy; another ass-hole wingnut!! Sean Hannaty! Yah, Ryan, you're starting to really make Canada look veerrrrry BAD!!

CK said...

Oh Simon, We still got CBC radio (until ol' STevie guts it completely (crossing fingers) for the left wing crowd