Saturday, October 10, 2009

October 15: A Date for Wingnuts

Looks like October 15 will be a busy day for wingnuts all over. Will President Obama need to hide out or flee the country?

Before I get to the scary silent video I just came across at Crooks and Liars, let's start with this whackjob of a blogger who calls herself Voting Female. According to this blithering idiot, Judge Joel Schneider of the U.S. district of  New Jersey has given Obama has until October 15 to produce documents proving he is indeed an American citizen. She has a mountain of links pertaining to this subject; of course all neo-con blogs and news media sites. I thought I would google this info to attempt to find it documented on main stream media pages. Quel Surprise! I couldn't find one. Google spit out pages & pages but all neo-con blogs and small neo-con news pages. I stopped searching after page five, I mean, if this were documented  with the main stream media like New York Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, and CNN, it would have been at the top of the Google search data right? Not even a result from Faux News: every Neo-con's favourite channel. My question is, if main stream media hasn't reported this one way or another; where are all these wingnuts getting their info?

Now for some real scary stuff. I came across this story at Crooks And Liars not even an hour ago. Comes complete with cryptic creepy video made by some idiotic fringe group who call themselves the National Militia, Soldiers of Freedom threatening Obama et al to leave; to just go away or else! Below is the video: 

As Crooks and Liars points out, this supposed militia group is nothing more than some weirdo in his basement. They're probably right.

However, this reminds me of that John Perry of that Newsmax column, suggesting a military coup d'etat to overthrow the Obama government. I blogged about this not too long ago. Read my posting here.

Funny how these paranoid fools who are soooo afraid of  'socialism' partly due to folks like Stalin and Mao. However, in fantasizing and perhaps even planning some coup d'etat, I venture they will be more oppressed; just in the wrong direction. Anyone remember General Augusto Pinochet? Is that what these wingnuts want? Who knows? I've heard so much craziness lately, I wouldn't be surprised if some of these clowns have a framed picture of General Pinochet on their wall.

Whether or not bad things will happen either October 15 or another day;  between those threats and  of course clowns like Schafly rewriting the bible; the U.S. is becoming a scarier place.  I venture to say more so than the civil unrest in the 60s and early 70s; at least the population had actual meaningful causes like ending the war in Vietnam, civil rights movement, racial equality, equality for women: To progress. Now we see tea-baggers, birthers and other neo-con propaganda spoon feeding Americans with hate, greed, racism, etc: Going backwards.

If these clowns do succeed with a coup d'etat; I'm wondering if they're going to like the result.

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