Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Coup d'Etat? In the U.S. of all Places?

I first read about this earlier in Dawg's Blawg & couldn't believe what I was reading. I mean, I always knew the U.S. was becoming more & more of a dangerous place to be, thanks to wingnuts toting guns & chanting the sanctities of the free market, private for profit health care only, stamp out socialism, etc. etc. Hell, Rush Limbaugh even started hinting that the U.S. should go back to racial segregation.

I remembered after President Obama was elected, Facebook page statuses would read like "Yes, he can!" "Bye Bye, George W Bush!" I remembered hearing on the radio someone saying something like, "Rosa Parks sat down, so Martin Luther King can walk, so Obama can run so the next generation can fly." I only had one brief chat with a friend who, while an Obama supporter, was more of a doubting Thomas. She believed, "yes, he can" but also seemed worried he would be assasinated down the road. Something I refused to believe. I'm sure many others refused to believe that too.

Further & further down the road, her prophecy is looking closer to becoming a reality after we heard about the Town Hall meetings being bombarded by gun-toting tea-baggers, Evangelical Christians & other neo-cons. Fringe groups once upon a time: a sub-culture, now forming together into a cult practically; a violent cult at that. And for what? As has been illustrated in interviews & videos from town hall meetings & the tea-bagger hit parade on 9/12. We start to realize the same thing the Secret Service probably realized a long time ago: President Obama's life could well be in danger.

Even on Facebook, there was a poll from one of those third party applications: it asked whether the U.S. president "should be killed." until the Secret Service contacted them, asking they close the site, but not before 750 people voted on this. When we see poll questions like this on a social networking site, we have to wonder to what end these crazies will go to protect their precious 'freedom'.

Then came John Perry's Newsmax column: Military coup "to resolve the 'Obama problem' is not "unrealistic" which has been taken down by site administrators, but Media Matters kept a copy of Perry's original column
"America isn’t the Third World. If a military coup does occur here it will be civilized." 

America isn't the third world indeed. Although, if the extreme right has it's way, They could well be on their way to that. Military coup? civilized? With the gang of wingnuts parading about, armed? Any coup d'etat of any kind has never ever been civilised. A military coup  is a military coup no matter where it happens.

"Military intervention is what Obama's exponentially accelerating agenda for "fundamental change" toward a Marxist state is inviting upon America. A coup is not an ideal option, but Obama's radical ideal is not acceptable or reversible."

Chet Scoville of The Vanity Press doesn't seem to believe a military coup would happen in the U.S. due to the fact they are "...too disciplined & too honourable to contemplate such a thing." While that may be true traditionally, who knows if they won't be influenced? Like Chet, I believe that this is too far-fetched, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear about an assasination attempt on President Obama's life: successful or not. To think these wingnuts believe the left to be looney! Yeesh!! Like Chet, I too don't want to hear how crazy the left is anymore.

John Perry doesn't strike me as a writer with all that much originality. Therefore, I have to wonder how many people: politicians or not; have thought of this hideous idea of a coup?

For those tea-baggers who said on camera, they want to fight against 'socialism' & 'facism', I have one thing to say: be careful what you wish for; any hint of socialism would be gone all right, but facism may become the new regime if the military ousts President Obama & starts governing the country themselves. One has to wonder, who would lead this coup d'etat? Would it be a General Augusto Pinochet type?? These neo-cons would do well to read about Pinochet as those are the usual types that lead a government taken over by a military coup.

Amazing what can happen in a year. Cheers for Obama to jeers to death threats to fantasy of a coup d'etat.  I think we can forget about President Obama getting re elected in 2012, unfortunately. The best we can hope for is that he manage to hang on to office until then: alive. But then, maybe the silent majority can start making some noise.

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