Friday, September 18, 2009

Wrong Formula Montreal! Just Say NO to Formula 1!!

If Michael Moore wanted to do a world version of his upcoming movie, Capitalism, A Love Story, he should focus on Bernie Ecclestone, the Hitler praising, anti-semetic, pro-totalitarian, misogynist who attempted to gouge Montreal one last time to have F1 here. Here's capitalism at it's worst: a billionaire being subsidized in part by taxpayers.

I honestly believed we would be done with Bernie Ecclestone & F1. As far as I was concerned, Abu-Dhabi could have them! More suited to champagne & caviar culture over there than here.

I never understood why Montreal taxpayers should be subsidizing an  event that they, themselves, can't afford attending. It's nothing more than a week-end playground for the rich & famous. A chance where hotels can gouge tourists for triple their going rates & filling restaurants alot of Montrealers don't eat at for the most part. Furthermore Ecclestone just decides to pull out of Montreal in favour of Abu-Dhabi instead & the regular Montreal F1 event ended up in Istanbul.

Later, when Bernie Ecclestone praised Hitler & blamed Jews for the banking crisis, I thought Normand Legault, the local F1 promoter &  the City of Montreal would have breathed a collective sigh of relief: "Phew, aren't we glad we distanced ourselves from this crackpot." It seems I'm about to be proven wrong. Ol' Bernie has come crawling back wanting to bring the F1 back here to our fair city apparently for close to less than 100M than what he insisted upon originally less this time around. My guess is that that the Turkish Grand Prix which was held on the week-end it was usually held in Montreal, didn't yield as much to Bernie's bottom line. It seems that the event in Istabul only attracted an audience of 30 000 spectators whereas our event usual attracts ten times that.

This time, Montreal should just say 'NO'!! No matter how much the F1 boss was willing to slash his price tag.   I mean, hasn't Montreal learned its' lesson? Financial guarantees are in place, however La Presse also reported that assurances were given by Ecclestone that the agreement can be cancelled if the standards of Formula One are not maintained. Translation:  if Ol' Bernie decides he's not getting rich enough here, he will surely pull the race out again with Montreal begging him to keep the race here. 

There is another reason we shouldn't let ol' Bernie &his little auto race come back here: his statements regarding Hitler and  blaming the Jews for the banking crisis: 

Here are just some of his idiotic statements: about Hitler: "he got things done," but "In the end he got lost, so he wasn't a very good dictator."

About blaming the Jews for the World Banking crisis: It’s a pity they didn’t sort the banks out,’ he said. ‘ When asked to elaborate he countered: ‘ They have a lot of influence everywhere.’

He would later give some kind of feeble back handed apology later, adding like all good famous anti-semites caught with their pants down, that some of his best friends are Jewish. However, what's worse is clearly he has no regrets for having made such statements.

There are other things about Ecclestone that would & should make any Canadian want to run this capatalist clown out of town: 

His crazy views on Democracy: "The trouble with politicians and democracy is they all the time have to compromise, they can't do what they want to do because there is somebody in opposition. It certainly takes a lot longer to do something,"

Of course, he also has a VERY high opinion of women: "women should wear white "like all other domestic appliances," a comment he revisited in The Times interview, suggesting that the utterance was a joke, only to follow it up with: "I would love to have a good lady race driver and preferably black and Jewish, too, but they might take maternity leave."

If what the media from England, United States & Canada are saying is true, it seems a deal has been made between Legault, Mayor Tremblay & Raymond Bachand, the Quebec finance minister & according to, with Michael Fortier, the Federal minister of International trade with Ecclestone in theory & about to be signed sometime this Fall. 

Funny, I remembered Tommy Schnurmacher's interview on his radio show Friday, Sept. 11 with Tony Clement, the federal industry minister where he hinted to Tommy that his government would cut funding to  the International Just For Laughs festival & some Heritage Canada projects. But this government doesn't seem to have a problem in helping to fund this event & it's facist-loving boss. It's sadly easy to see why: with Georgie gone & from what I have been reading, it seems Obama would just like him to stay in Ottawa,  it seems ol' Stevie needs a friend to hang with, given ol' Bernie's praises for Totalitarian regimes & his archaic views on women.

If Montreal stupidly accepts having F1 back, I sincerely hope that Jewish organizations & women's organizations & others on both the local & national levels will push for a boycott to this event. 

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