Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Christian Jihad - Pot, Kettle, Black

I came across this video at Unrepentant Old Hippie.

This of course, is not the first I've heard of the insanity like Facebook's survey as to whether or not Pres. Obama should be assassinated or the even crazier opinion piece from Newsmax proposing a Military coup to oust the president. However, this video doesn't make it less scary or less crazy.

I have to say, after hearing the bigots from both the Canadian  and American right wingnut brigade constantly bashing all of  Islam for the acts of the fringe sociopathic groups who  misinterpret  the Quran; I honestly think it's time for them to really take a look in the mirror (provided it don't crack first, that is). What is the difference between Christian Far Right and Islamic Extremists? Can't wait for someone to try to spin that one. Well, Pot...Kettle...Black...?? Ring any bells here?

As Frank Schaeffer called them: the American Taliban, these freaks are not much better. In fact, I don't know who's more sociopathic: Islamic Radicals or the Christian Evangelical Far Right? 

Well, besides being white and uneducated, the only other difference between the Islamic Radicals and the Christian Evangelical Far Right is that they also demonstrate their oh so beloved Free market ways and actually have a full line of gifts one can purchase: anything from mugs to t-shirts to, yes, even pet wear.

This is more than just a case of Obama Derangement Syndrome. Yahoos like them are why gun control is soooo important.

Let's be careful out there.

I will say this again: I don't ever want to hear about the loony left ever again! Never again!


Dr. Prole said...

Some good news - the merch was pulled from CafePress and Zazzle once they were alerted that stuff encouraging the death of the POTUS was being sold at their sites. Go bloggers!

CK said...

Wow! Thanks, Prole. That is good news. Bad enough this freask show is running loose with guns, but to capitalize off of that as well? Not right? Quite obscene really. Thanks again.

Dr. Prole said...

Damn, CafePress has reinstated the merchandise. I hope they're happy (and sued) when some whack job tries to shoot the POTUS because that bible verse on his BBQ apron told him to.

Dr. Prole said...

Yeesh, this is like watching tennis! CafePress has reversed their reversal, and has pulled the Psalm 109:8 merch. Again. :)

CK said...

Let's hope it stays out. Anyway, in my post just above this one, I am asking folks to boycott Cafepress if they didn't get rid of the merchandise.

I can only imagine the defense in a courtroom if one were accused of assassinating Obama: That bible psalm on the back of my dog's sweater told me to.