Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nicotine Deprived Blogging - Week in Review

I don't recommend it!  I haven't had a cigarette all day today, got through that without telling my husband because he would go all cheerleader on me and when I start smoking again (Yes, when; not if), it will be an argument I really don't want to have. Right now, I'm trying to keep my distance from the population at large, because everybody is just so damned annoying to me right now; besides, it's better flu prevention than sticking yourself with an untested vaccine. This leads to my reasoning for my cigarette withdrawal: cigarettes are an irritant for the lungs among other organs, so if I do get this or any other bug, I will be able to fight it off easier. That is how today worked anyway. Tomorrow is another day: I might well be lighting up as I'm going to be stuck being with people at some function. YIKES!! Socializing without the benefit of cigarettes, not recommended for me. I would call myself Anti-Social Socialist, but I think there's a blogger out there using that handle. Too bad, because that nick name suits me well.

Funny, I guess my last two entries have been more of a personal nature. I promise, I will try to stay away from that as much as possible and will go back to venting about Politics here in Canada and the U.S., and other current events. Right now, I don't have the patience to even read the news paper or a news site or sit through a news or political show on the boob tube. I don't have the patience to think of any witty commentary about the news in politics.

Week in Review

Gotta say though, I have known the senate serves absolutely no purpose ever since Steve appointed a functionally illiterate hockey coach, showing us that knowing how to read and write is not a requirement for this 'job'? After watching Mike Puffy Duffy on TV and his mouth on steroids going off attempting to defend ...spending 44k after 3 months?? A lot of folks would take two years to earn that while working blood hard. 

Imagine a world without the senate? Imagine how their salaries and expenditures could help say, improve our single payer health care system?? 

Once in awhile, the Globe and Mail does actually run something insteresting:
Yes, I have to thank one of my Facebook friends for actually posting this. Some opinion writer, from a Harpercon-friendly  paper no less, finally came out and explained exactly how Steve doesn't care about our health care system, given his 'second tiered' minister, Agluquack. 

Rick Salutin, the writer of this piece speaking not only of Steve's lack of commitment toward health care or the flu crisis, but also of the Harpercon "Get tough on Crime" thing. Tougher punishments and a measure eliminating gun control. Sound familiar? Anyone who thought I was crazy for saying Steve was more like an American than Iggy would be hard pressed to argue that now.

After writing that, I wonder if Salutin will get fired?? I hope not, we need more writers to write and publish such things in newspapers. However, like the G & M, he doesn't often write anything that interesting neither.

However, when I sometimes get hope for the Globe and Mail, I get disappointed all over again with drivel like this.  According to Erin Anderssen, we are embracing the more American style combative military. Gone are the days of peace loving for us it would seem in her world.

That is my commentary for this week in Canada in short order.  

Right now, I must go somewhere, preferably where there is no one. Writing without cigarette just isn't working for me right now. I don't even feel like me without the smokes. Yah, I know they're bad, but they were a part of who I am...was?? Not sure anymore.

I may not be blogging for awhile until this nicotine thing somehow resolves itself, even if it means I start smoking again.


Anonymous said...

Yes indeed the name is being used, but it seems to apply to a whole lot of people, and I don't really mind sharing. :D

The senate seems to be the 'Old Politicians Home', where they can serve until they are dead and contonue to feel as thought they are doing something useful...

CK said...

Pleased to meet you antisocial!

I just wish that 'old politicians home would just go away...

The money paying for them and not to mention inflated expense accounts could be so much spent so much better!! Like I mentioned above: our health care system comes to mind; Improving our single payer and making sure there is no further expansion of private for profit.
There are many other ways beginning to eradicate poverty...
But, they's Harpercons...they can't even handle a flu crisis all that put it mildly

Anonymous said...

Close them down and give away a huge meal ticket? As if they'd ever even consider that, left or right.

I'd liek to see some money put into education, myself - there's quite a few places that still need schools, on in particular in the far North that requires an entire building but is getting nothing... even as the Harpercons shovel a few million into a Catholic school.

Plenty of better things that those ridiculous salaries can be used for... but the dusty vampires won't give it up.

penlan said...

Hi Sister Sage,
From what I understand, & I've done this myself, is that every Federally run Health Unit in most larger cities in every Province, has a Stop Smoking Program. Not sure if it's in Quebec though but you can find out. They set you up with Nicoderm patches for 3 months & help you to stop smoking. And it's free - you don't pay a cent. It worked for me for awhile but I did eventually go back to smoking - my bad. Hardest habit in the world to quit.

Enjoy all your posts btw.

Anonymous said...

You should try Swedish snus. By far the most effective way to kick the habit. Addictive, since it is a tobacco product (i.e. there is nicotine) but no smoke, no smell, no health implications.

Good luck!