Friday, November 13, 2009

Simon and Garfunkel: Reunion Videos

 I had watching various Simon and Garfunkel videos with the song, "The Boxer", a favourite of mine.
For some reason, this version from a 2006 reunion sticks out for me. They still have it after all those years!
Here they are on David Letterman in 2006

Here they are reunited on some show, introduced by Dustin Hoffman in 2003, singing "The Sounds of Silence", another Classic.


fern hill said...

Thank you, CK, that was lovely. 'The Boxer' is one of my fave songs of theirs.

CK said...

I have to say, Fern, I agree with you there. I just love the lyrics; they had a grasp of the truth of how human nature can be.

sassy said...

Thanks for the lovely reminder.