Friday, November 27, 2009

If You Must Shop--15 Toys NOT to Buy Your Kids! Also, 12 Days of Palin

Indeed, as soon as I saw the pics and captions of the 15 toys not to buy your kids, ever in Huffington Post. I honestly can't believe there are twisted sociopathic minds at work when creating these toys. YIKES!! 

Violence, sexism and racism are the main themes. Even Elmo lost his innocence after you change his battery. Imagine my horror when I found that was made by Fisher Price. Yeesh!! What happened to those old FP education toys my generation grew up with? Toys that forced us to be imaginative.

No wonder susequent generations are becoming scarier, if they're growing up on toys like I just saw.

Another reason to hate commercialism. Another reason to hate the holidays.

Oh wait! Here' s a new version of an old Christmas carol sure to upset the Blogging Tories and the Tea-baggers. Here are the "Twelve Days of Palin"