Saturday, November 7, 2009

She's Baaaackk!! She's a showin' them Klan Colours...Again!!

Thought whiny Wendy went away; that she just got tired of blogging her racist ignorant shit like "aboriginals doing nothing but fucking their daughters 364 days a year and her usual Muslim Hating rants.

Nope, she had to take time off from stalking Marc Steyn or whatever the hell she does for fun and she had to weigh in on what happened at Fort Hood, didn't she??  Wonder if she's a Gretchen Carlson wannabe??

Once again, like Sweet Gretchen and Brian Kilmeade (watch the video below where Geraldo Rivera holds his own against the lot of them at Fox News), Whiny Wendy seems to think that the US needs to rethink Muslims in the Military, just over the actions of an obviously disturbed individual.

Brian Kilmeade expresses fears about being killed by a Muslim in a Fox Hole. So does Whiny Wendy in her most recent posting. Just a word of caution to blonde Bubblehead Gretchen Carlson, Brian Kilmeade and Whiny Wendy Sullivan: Be more afraid of NICOTINE DEPRIVED CRANKY GEN-XERS than of the Muslim population. 

Oh Lord-! I think I do need a cigarette; I think I just pulled a SUZY ALLCAPSLOCK just now.

Anyway, here is her most ridiculous quote

"Bush’s policy of befriending and appeasing Islam in the wake of September 11 led directly to the rampage on Thursday. If he had taken a strong stand on the domestic front; if he had marginalized the Islamic community away from security-sensitive positions, 12 soldiers, one civilian and one unborn child would be alive in Texas tonight."

How in the world did Bush befriend Islams in the wake of September 11?? I remember hearing him talk back then being afraid of him setting up internment camps for the American Muslims, just like they did to the Japanese following Pearl Harbor.

I also remember him on TV condemning those hurting local Muslims on a whim, but he kinda has to same something like that to make America look sort of warm and cuddly. Was that what that shrew was shrieking about??

I'm sorry for the lost soldiers and their families, but once again, the media (funneled through by the US Army) is only spoon feeding us what they want us to know. I'm sure Major Hasan has a story to tell when he gets well again. As an Army shrink whose job it was, in part, to treat soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder would have lots of stories to tell, no doubt. Perhaps working with PSTD sufferers got to him and made him snap.

Maybe he's just a sick man. 

It may have nothing to do with Islam extremism. 

The latest article in the New York Times , suggests that investigators are 'ruling out terrorist plot' In fact, investigators are leaning toward theories that resemble those above: 

"But the investigators, working with behavioral experts, suggested that he might have long suffered from emotional problems that were exacerbated by the tensions of his work with veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who returned home with serious psychiatric problems.

They said his counseling activities with the veterans appear to have further fueled his anger and hardened his increasingly militant views as he was seeming to move toward more extreme religious beliefs — all of which boiled over as he faced being shipped overseas, an assignment he bitterly opposed."

Gee, Wendy, it seems that the veterans he treated led to a change in his views. Wanna blame some traumatized vets who have seen the unimaginable?? 

He "bitterly" opposed the mission. Sounds like probably more than half of America: doesn't make him an extremist.

No one thought of that possibility, did they? Certainly, no one at Fox News or anyone in the Media: not sexy enough to sell papers. Certainly not whiny Wendy 'Right Girl' who said on her Twitter feed that she was "against humanity."

I really don't believe this! I've got to stay off Twitter until I smoke again. I would never have found this horrible drivel and now I'm bored, can't sleep and nicotine deprived.

Wendy, go find yourself a man, maybe that Homer Simpson sound a like from your so-called radio show.  Join Weight Watchers or a gym: looks like ya could use a work out.  Better still, you love the US so much: Get the hell out of Canada and take Shona Holmes with you; because we certainly don't want you here! Do let the door hit you on the way out, you grotesque, beasty, inbred, redneck, FREAK of nature!! Gee, that just felt good.

Remember Wendy, Bush is as much to blame for what happened at Fort Hood as much as you will be for causing me to fall off the nicotine wagon.

Again, I am sorry for the victims and their families, but I'm sure there is a story the army and media are careful not to tell us. If the man is sick or he became disturbed due to the nature of his work and the stories he heard, then he needs help and I hope he gets it.

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