Thursday, November 12, 2009

School Just Ain't Important in U.S.A.

Never mind that high school drop out rates are on the rise state side and the statistics are indeed dismal. 

Never mind that alot of American kids in public school system who do graduate still have below par reading and writing skills.

How about 'allowable' cheating? That's right! You heard it here

A fundraiser the parents came up with: buying and selling grades: Yep, because last year's chocolate sale flopped!

I see where parents priorities lie: let's teach kids capitalist greed over learning the three 'R's. 


Anonymous said...

Just for your own education, there is no such word as "alot". It is two separate words, " a lot". Always.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder if the idea that buying one's way out of an academic jam will become a template for future problems. That is, if you throw enough money at a problem, it'll go away.

It's the bribery culture run amok in the school system.

And I thought schools were to inculcate moral rectitude and other noble values.

CK said...

You're right anonymous. An example of what happens when a kid buys their grades (Just kidding; couldn't resist); simply a typo.

Torontonian, you would think, wouldn't you? Although, we had heard similar things about American education in the past haven't we?

Remember some high school and even college policies were for their star athletes to get a pass on their courses no matter what?

It was later shown that many pro athletes were functionally illiterate as a result.

Wayne said...

I don't know why people get so uptight about a typo. Sheeesh... it did not change the meaning of anything, or end the world. YOUR out of line Anonymous.

Great post, just when you think you have heard everything.... surprise more stupidity.

This is bribery\entitlement gone mad, in a public (socialist) system. (I could not resist, you slammed my beloved capitalism.)

This is very wrong; the education system is already putting enough lazy unethical idiots into the work force.

Whether it is star athletes, dumbed down curriculum for minorities or the cheating of the majority it is disgusting. Parent approved????

This is no kind of capitalism that I know or want. Who would want to hire kids that come from that type of enviroment. Wow.