Saturday, November 7, 2009

Health Care Reform Passed!

It passed by the narrowest of margins: 220 Aye (including one GOPer) and 215 Nay, according to breaking news at Huffington Post. Here is the break down of the votes.

Below is Nancy Pelosi's declaration of the new health care bill passing.

Yes, good the Government will have a tighter noose on the insurance companies and they won't be able to discriminate anymore based on gender or pre-existing condition. It is, however, watered down. How disappointing! What is this?? Subsidizing lower income Americans so they can buy insurance?? Whatever happened to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's Public option?? I did not see anything about a public option in there.  Subsidizing purchasing of insurance will surely be more expensive to the tax payers than the public option would ever be...

I wonder if this will cost Obama a second term?? Surely the more progressive Democrats will no longer have confidance in him and the Tea-baggers will surely have replaced the GOP with Rush Limbaugh at the helm. Oh what a mess!

I'm glad there is reform of some kind. The very fact the insurance companies are going to have to play fair now is already progress, as well as more will be insured, or so it says on paper.


It seems there is a public option. I apologize for having jumped the gun. Here are the particulars of this new health care bill. As mentioned, insurance companies will no longer be able to discriminate based on gender or pre-existing condition.  I hope it will be put into practise in all states.


Anonymous said...

It's not a great start... but it IS a start.

If/when it gets through the Senate, all it would need is more time to grow, and it can be expanded from there.

Single-Payer Universal Health Care is the goal, but because it is America, it has to be a slow evolving process to reach the goal... which is an amusing thought considering most Americans don't believe in evolution to begin with.

life insurance broker Toronto said...

"insurance companies will no longer be able to discriminate based on gender or pre-existing condition. I hope it will be put into practise in all states."

Congratulation to that. But this was just the 1st round.. Let's see what Senate will have to say to it.

Nevertheless, the fact that it only passed by 5 votes doesn't feel right. It's an important piece of legislative - it shouldn't depend on a mere handful of votes. I'm really glad I'm just watching the whole thing..

Take care all of you,