Friday, November 27, 2009

Me Blog and I got Mentioned on the Redneck Radio Show Tonight (Talk about Real Discrimination)

Yes, it was mentioned not even an hour ago; Ryan, dear, you should have mentioned my blog's name on the air. Damn, because I dare say if he did mention my blog by name or something like CK of Sister Sage's Musings, my readership would probably go up. I'd probably also have his fans bombarding my comments' section with even more wingnuttery;  assuming my comments section  worked! 

I've been told by some that my comments section still doesn't really work. Unfortunately, I'm not that tech savvy to fix it. Plus, I'm planning to move the show in the new year to wordpress. Blogger has been a lot of trouble for me and I want my own url. I also have future projects and need certain flexibility I don't think I can have with Blogger.

One such wingnut fan who calls other shows on CJAD, known simply as Dr Jeff (I wonder if he's really that blubbery blogging tory-groupie Dr Roy Eappen?) who called Redneck Ryan's show to call me a bully and a hypocrite. Really Rich! Yah, is Dr Jeff even his real name? Is he even a doctor? Highly unlikely. Real doctors don't have time to call radio show hosts. 

The reason I don't call those radio stations is that most who oppose a host from Astral Radio stations don't get air time. Their calls are usually screened out by the screener or the host, him/herself will cut the caller off. Most of them are guilty for it. I had sent an email to one CJAD host who answered me back but it was feeble. A generic thank you for listening without answering my questions or directly addressing my points. I stopped emailing after that, but I digress.

What set off his mentioning my blog on the air was tonight, I did something different. I tweeted him. He was spouting more racist views and whining about how white men are having a harder and harder time to find work. He was talking about some job opportunity advertised for some federal government agency.  What pissed off  the radio host was  the ad gave the usual standard visual minorities, women, the disabled, aboriginals encouraged to apply. Nothing wrong with it. A non-issue really; it's standard on most help wanted ads. Apparently, reverse racism in Ryan Doyle land. He's in good company with Dodo Can't Spell: I'm sure he'd just love the picture of that coin.

I always knew he was racist. I mean, he even sympathized with that justice of the peace in Louisiana who refused to perform a marriage ceremony for an interracial couple. If that ain't racist. I pretty much let that slide; so did the rest of the world it would seem. I'm also guessing that most progressive bloggers don't tune into Astral Talk Radio shows neither, unless for the same reason some read the Blogging Tories and/or Asper papers: for the entertainment of it.

What made me decide to tweet him this evening was he was infuriating when saying things like white men need not apply; implying that the government (and other employers)  was practicing discrimination--against white men. I started tweeting him, poking fun at him; getting nasty basically saying he has no clue about how discriminatory employers can be; that he had an easy life.

Well Ryan, Tonight's Lesson is...Discrimination on the Job Market!

First of all, I (as well as others I'm sure) barely pay attention to those equal opportunity captions in job offers, simply because they're nothing more than tokens; almost like they have to insert it. Particularly with government jobs. They're just words worth nothing more than the paper or screen they're printed on. A good example would be here, in the province of Quebec.

Don't get me wrong, I love living here and I work for a Quebec Government Social Services Agency; the only one that serves the Anglophone population of all of Quebec. It is the only agency that really hires the most diverse group of people. Just one of the reasons it's such a great place to work and I'm thankful everyday I was hired there.

However, that is not the case for the other Quebec Government jobs. No one talks about it, but everyone knows it, if one doesn't have a French sounding name, they don't get hired. The same is also for a lot of large Quebec companies. I'm sure that if one were to find an employee directory in any of those agencies or companies, one would only find French sounding names. 

I have been discriminated against as recently as late last year/early this year. I had been out of work for five months. I was registered with every placement agency. I even joined La Passerelle,  an organization that helped people over 40 with career transition and/or finding work. A very necessary service, because, folks over 40 are fucked when it comes to the job market. I speak from experience. It is a major reason why it took me so long to find work. Again, no one talks about it, but it happens. Otherwise, organizations like La Passerelle wouldn't need to exist. Every group workshop over there was packed, to the point they had to schedule  two sessions of  each workshop. And yes, Ryan there were plenty of white men there too having difficulty finding work because of their age; not their skin colour or gender.

I have had several different trades. I have two professional certificates and went to University. I speak, read and write both English and French. With that, I have many skills and experiences to be an asset in any office.  Unfortunately, I'm over 40 and as I've found, most office positions require one to be a young sex kitten. A slave to fashion. Nope, clean colour coordination just ain't enough anymore. Gotta have them designer labels. This is how shallow many employers have become.

When I went to get my last professional certificate in 2007, an HR consultant came to give us tips on how to find work and how to write up that old resume, and of course, marketing ourselves. I was the youngest in the class at the tender age of 39; most were in their late 40s and 50s. The consultant admitted to us that employers practiced discrimination (and no, not against young white men, now). He admitted to us that we had to work a lot harder at marketing ourselves on the job market, because of our age. 

For some in the group who had foreign sounding names, the consultant went in so far as to suggesting they change the spelling of some of the names. For example, someone's last name was 'Damas'; also the French word for Damascus, Syria. Something the consultant strongly believed would be problematic. I kid you not!!

I'm certain in the rest of the country, it's not much better.

No Ryan, your white bread world has got it real good. You should be thankful for your blessings and try to empathize with others rather than condemn them the way you do on your show. Thus, one example as to why your show is an example of irresponsible media.

Also, Ryan, you once again exaggerated on your show. You said that I blogged about you everyday of the week. Well, no, I actually only have four posts ranting about your antics. Four out of 97 posts. This will be number five.

Also, you thought you could scare me, you fool? You thought you could insult me? The best you can come up with is that I never thought you would potentially at least hear or read about my blogs? That I underestimated your ability to use the internet?  Congratz!  Now, can you learn to improve that short attention span of your's so you can stop exaggerating? 

Besides exaggerating on the content of my blog, you also exaggerated when talking about Michael Moore's last movie when you wanted the workers sitting in at the factory to get all locked up in jail and were disappointed when they won the right to have the wages that were owed to them. Exaggerated when you said that Moore praised Obama a lot when he did nothing of the kind. I'm sure there are other examples, but I don't hear you every night as you seem to think I do.

Reading my tweets on the air was a nice touch. Before you start reading blogs you don't get, start with something easy, some fiction like Romper Room oops! I mean the Blogging Tories.

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Anonymous said...

CALL THE SHOW...bring it to the airwaves...all your excuses are lame...let me give you the number again getting shut out...tell them who you are when you call. Can I make it easier for you? Or do you constantly want to call me out on-line where it is only you doing the talking? It seems like the easy way out if you ask me. I do 3 hours of radio every night and you sit and react in the comfort of your own home and change my words to suit your needs.

Ryan.(the only one with the balls to comment on your blog)