Sunday, November 29, 2009

Clucking Christie Blathering Blatchford

I don't really have anything more to add to what has already been written.

In the end, though, why should anyone be surprised? She's a chicken war hawk. She is also a commentator on the afternoon drive show on CJAD with Ricky P. Just last week, she hinted she didn't believe in the torture or Richard Colvin. She also said that setting a withdrawal date is a bad idea, hinting the war should go on, until, I guess, the end of time.

I decided to create yet another montage to commemorate her latest faux pas. I orignally wanted to put her head in my partisan toilet, but someone beat me to it (well, no logo, but you get the idea). Here is that image from the facebook group, "Fire Christie Blatchford". 

I did something completely different: I thought this clearly reflected her personality as well as her keen sense of style


thwap said...

Do her up like Lyndie England (of Agu Ghraib infamy) next!

CK said...

I will try me best, Thwap. Right now, I have too much of a head-ache for illustrator and photoshop.

I just heard that shrew on the radio now with the equally chicken hawk Ric Petersen on CJAD here in Montreal.

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