Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Perfect Citizen According to Jason Kenney

It's too bad ol' Kenney, Stevie and the rest of the Harpercons can't even live up to most of Kenney's guidelines in his new handbook.

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Actually, it's titled:

And here's what every new immigrant should look at before signing on to be a citizen: 

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Basically, it's high on promoting the military big time and of course, next to nothing regarding arts and culture.

Advice to Potential New Citizens

"(There's) a growing consensus that we need to recover a sense of civic memory, civic literacy about our democratic institutions and the history in which they are rooted," Kenney said.

Hmmm, with the events of late such as scrapping the Long Gun Registry, thus, beginning the journey toward No Gun Control, the move toward the U.S. health care system, a very pro-military stance in this new document of Kenney's, 

THINK AMERICA under Georgie Bush and Dickie Cheney.

About that pro-military stance of Kenney's which new immigrants must aspire to: while he says it isn't compulsory, one must read between the lines here: 

a "noble way to contribute to Canada and an excellent career choice."

Well, boys and girls, just think, if it were soooo noble and such a great career choice, how come Steve, Kenney or most of the Harpercons never enlisted? Also remember, the military seems to have a shortage in personnel and most who are natural born citizens just don't want to join it these days.

Oh yeah! It also tells you it's your duty to vote; just one snag though; they mean, vote for them.

It also talks about volunteering. Remember, these folks never volunteer for anything.

In discussing gender equality, in this guideCongratz, ladies! You've simply moved to the status of left winged fringe.

Oh, just because there is not much indicated about arts and culture, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It simply means it's not important to the Harpercons.

And so, boys and girls, remember, it's not hard to be smarter than most Harpercons: Apparently things like University education is optional to be a Harpercon and to be a Harpercon senator, literacy is also optional.

You can get the translate version of  Kenney's guide here.

The booklet will also be made available to schools, to give all Canadians a better sense of common values.

Common, of course, means Conservative. Good luck Future Conservatives oops! I meant Canadians! (Or is that American Rednecks?)


Patrick Ross said...

You know, long gun registry would actually have to be a tool of gun control before scrapping it could be the start of a "journey toward no gun control".

Just sayin'.

CK said...

It was a tool: The police were using it everyday.

I wouldn't have minded so much if they had some kind of plans to actually improve gun control.

Given Steve' hero worship for Georgie and Dickie and other American Neo-Cons of day's past, I see him heading toward exactly like the US: No gun control.

Patrick Ross said...


There is gun control in the United States already.

There are numerous liceensing requirements to own a gun in the United States. Not to mention the following:

-National Firearms Act (1934)
-Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 (1968)
-Gun Control Act (1968)
-Firearms Owner's Protection Act (1986)
-Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act (1993)

The difference between the long gun registry and American gun control policies is that American gun control policies aren't mere cosmetic legislation.

You could learn a lot from that.

CK said...

Americans' are allowed to carry guns on the street. Don't know about you, but I start getting scared of walking the streets or taking public transport around folks toting guns.

They believe it's an inherent right to carry guns.

Our gun crimes are lower than the US., we don't have little children killing each other because they found dad's loaded gun on the table and played with it.

Cosmetic? It is fact that The cops used that registry every day in their work.

Good gun owners can always go bad; some little event makes them snap and bang. The kid of a gun owner can pull a Columbine.

I would be ok if they took the registry and improved on it or replaced it with something else, but knowing about Steve, he is heading to no gun control.

Patrick Ross said...

Sage, you know full well that the use of the long gun registry is certainly not what people like yourself claim that it is. Deliberate and purposeful consultations of the long gun registry occur only a handful of times a day in Canada.

But back to the Gun Control argument: you claimed that there is no Gun Control in the United States. Yet now you've been provided with a list of laws instituting various forms of gun control in the United States.

I personally don't endorse their gun control program, I agree that the American model is far too lax. (On the other hand, scrapping the long gun registry does not institute such a program here in Canada. Nor is it even a plausible first step.)

Just because you don't like the things that Americans can do under their gun laws doesn't mean that no Gun Control exists.

The fact that the Dawson College shooting -- as alluded to in the video posted here -- was performed with a registered weapon is proof positive that the gun registry does absolutely nothing to prevent incidents such as the Columbine Massacre.

It isn't Gun Control. It's left-wing ideological welfare. Good riddance to it.