Sunday, November 29, 2009

Self loathing Neo-Cons and their Double Standards

I first caught a snipit of Ezra Levant's latest rantings over at C.C.'s. It just brought back one of those events not that long ago that continues to bother me today: the victory of Marc Lemire, homophobe, holocaust denier, bigot: ya know: Canada's newest version of a good ol' boy and yes, none other than ol' Ezra himself defended him before the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Besides the fact that it was a dark day for me, the first thing that came to mind was; Gee, a self-loathing Jew.

That's ok, like all good neo-con boys, he hates with as much vigor as the rest of them and he is paranoid. Check his latest ranting, if you dare. 

He's demonstrating hatred for Jewish organizations like Canadian Jewish Congress, B'nai Brith and Simon Wiesenthal Center, as he feels he must. 

In short, he is ranting about a rally in Calgary following some swastikas and other anti-Semitic graffiti being painted on Jewish Properties.  Levant seems to have more issues with the anti-hate rally than the crime itself. What's wrong with this picture?

He is now claiming that groups who organized the Calgary Says No to Hate rally were being sponsored two Islamic Groups:  Islamic Supreme Council of Canada,  a group that promotes interfaith dialogue and Muslim education among other activities. The other is Islamic Association of Canadian Women, an organization that promotes Islamic education for women among other activities. From what I've seen both organizations are not only harmless and don't seem to promote terrorism of any kind. According to ol' Ezra, both of these groups are run by Imam Syed B. Soharwardy. I only found that the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada was founded by Soharwardy, I haven't found evidence that the second group mentioned above being linked with him. To Levant, the Imam is a "a virulent anti-Semite"

I googled Imam Soharwardy. He is known to be the first Muslim Canadian to walk more than 6,500 km, leading the multi-faith walk against violence. Here is his bio.  Levant's links attempting to prove Soharwardy's wrong doings link to (surprise! surprise!) his previous postings. I attempted those links, turned out to be stuff that needed to be downloaded and for some reason, my computer wouldn't download them.  Me thinks Ezra is still sore over a previous confrontation

"I know Soharwardy because he's the Jew-hater who hauled me before the Alberta Human Rights Commission for my high crime of publishing the Danish cartoons. "

Ezra sure knows how to hold a grudge. 

He basically goes on about Muslim hatred over the Jews among others. 

My big question is: How come it's ok for the likes of Marc Lemire to spout hatred, to the point of inciting violence,  but it's not ok for Muslims or anyone who is  Jewish or WASPy to do it? Why this double standard?

Why is it that when Jewish properties are defaced or damaged proven (or even suspected) to be perpetrated by Muslims, it's automatically a hate crime. Why not so quick to call it a hate crime if there is no proof a Muslim committed the act or proof that white supremacists committed the act?

Shouldn't such acts be conemned by all, no matter who does what against whom?

This kind of reminds me of an exchange I had with Dodo Can't Spell, where she basically called me looney for calling her, 'a brown person' (her words, not mine or anyone else's) a racist. Once again, implying only white people can be racist. I've caught her postings from time to time. She is indeed more racist than a lot of white folks. It is obvious that she too, has very low self-esteem, in referring to herself as 'a brown person'. Her fellow neo-con bloggers, like Girl on the Wrong use the term 'brown people' in a very hateful tone. I wonder if Dodo even realizes this?

How about Salim Mansur? The professor and Columnist who so often speaks against his own people. 

Lastly, those neo-con backward women bloggers, like Shiddle, Girl on the Wrong, and SUZY ALLCAPSLOCK. They appear to be more sexist and wingnuttier than their Male neo-con counterparts. Someone suggested to me that they're trying to impress the boys. The wrong type of boys. No question: sounds like a logical explanation. This too, would be a clear example of low self-esteem; they're trying to impress the wrong kind of boys.

Are these neo-cons transferring their self-loathing onto others?