Saturday, November 28, 2009

Canada Will No Longer be One of the Cool Kids

A sad state of affairs, really. Canada used to be a player on the world stage, that is, until Stevie came on the scene, only to pull disappearing acts every time the going gets tough

Right now, the two major bones of contention for Stevie and the Harpercons would be climate change and the torturing of the Afghan prisoners. It seems the more Stevie and his Harpercons attempt to white wash either, the more pissed off folks get.

We already saw how Stevie and his merry band of thieves can clear a room of 77 developing nations  when they suggest replacing the Kyoto Protocol (ya know that socialist scheme to suck money from wealthy nations)  with some other insipid agreement. This was over a month ago in Bangkok. 

For awhile now, we had heard Stevie come up with any and every excuse to not partake in UN climate talks in Copenhagen.  Silly excuses for the most part like 'I won't until they do' type of things. Really! That does sound Romper Room-ish.  Gone are his real reasons for not wanting anything to do with climate change, like Kyoto being too, uh, waz that nasty 's' word for it again? He is not daring to say anything about really protecting old Fossil fuel types of enterprises and the tar sands of Alberta. Heaven knows he can't admit any of those truths. 

These days, it seems that Stevie doesn't want to own any of the crisis situations happening in Canada, nor any wrong-doings that occur anywhere around the world. Stevie and his merry band of thieves are still doing their damndest to cover up this latest scandal involving the torture of Afghan prisoners. Prisoners left with that same Afghan security force that was involved with child molestation and exploitation; another thing the Canadian military never wanted seeing the light of day.

The unfortunate truth is that Stevie is only going to Copenhagen because of torturegate. He not only wishes to avoid dealing with this latest scandal but he also hopes to deflect the corporatist media away from this latest nastiness toward something that looks nice and fuzzy Don't be fooled: he still doesn't give a rat's ass about the environment. He may use the excuse that since President Obama and the other cool kids on the world stage are going to be there, but had it not been for torturegate, I venture that he would not be there with the cool kids, no matter the peer pressure. What a great leader! One whose favorite game is Monkey see: Monkey Do.

Stevie never did and still doesn't care what the world thinks of him, with the exception of course, of Georgie. That was obvious when he fucked off U.N. week in favor of Bloomberg and Timmy's. He only cares about not getting caught breaking international laws.  Yes, Stevie has been lost without Georgie. Pres Obama is trying to move the U.S. in another direction: a direction Stevie doesn't like or believe in. He only cares about Obama when it comes to "buy American". 

Now, there are some folks who are calling for Canada to be suspended from the Commonwealth due to its' attitude on climate change. 

"Countries that fail to help [tackle global warming] should be suspended from membership, as are those that breach human rights." says Clare Short, former international development secretary.

Wait a minute: did she just mention ' breaching human rights'? Wow, Stevie, I believe this is a double whammy: I believe this also covers torturegate.

Think Stevie would care about being ousted from the Commonwealth? Perhaps. Especially if he can't join the U.S.  They're second choice. If Georgie were still running the show, I don't think Stevie would care about the Commonwealth kicking him to the curb. Right now, President Obama appears to have no interest in being Stevie's buddy.

Besides, the Royal Family do serve as a marvelous excuse to run away from responsibility.  

While he is going to Copenhagen and yes, apparently he just bribed pledged 10 billion dollars to help poor countries deal with the consequences of climate change. Still, he does not budge on reducing greenhouse gas emissions here in Canada. 

Here are some videos on the subject of Alberta tar sands and opposition party leaders' take on climate change.

Another thing I find puzzling: I read some of the posts of the Blogging Tories where they say climate change is a myth and a lie. One of them even beseached readers to write their MPs urging them to not do anything about climate change; that the scientists were bogus, basically. 

If Stevie really believed that, how come he just bobs and weaves around the issue instead of doing all he can to debunk the so-called lie? He knows that climate change is real. It's just that it ain't profitable and it is more challenging to change to greener technologies.

Whatever happened to the good ol' days when Canada was a proud player on the world stage? We used to be known as a nation that cared. A nation of peace keepers. Canada used to be compassionate. 

Now, we're a joke, thanks to Stevie and his merry band of thieves. We're becoming what the rest of the world had no taste for: Bush era America.

Stevie doesn't like Canada or Canadians. He is still hell bent on turning it into Bush Era America. This is why he wants his majority. 

The irony is that the wordly intellectual and unsuitable leader of the Liberal Party, Iggy had spoken of this in one of his ads awhile ago. Most scoffed at him either because they didn't believe him or they just didn't care. Maybe it requires somebody else to talk to Canadians about this and to call Stevie on it.

Unless some miracle happens, Canada is soon becoming the social outcast. I will no longer be one of the cool kids until we have an actual leader. Not one who plays 'Follow the Leader'. 

To quote Pale from A Creative Revolution:  

"Just fuck the hell off Steve, and take yer nasty little friends with you. Canada needs grown ups to run the show."

Here! Here! Amen to that!