Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Blogging Tory Soap Opera

Featuring Justin the Raging Tory and a mystery person simply known as 'The Iceman'. I first came across this banal, insignificant yet somewhat entertaining saga over at Canadian Cynic's page. I have to say I got a chuckle from this.  I, of course went over to the Blogging Tories page and found any postings from  Frick and Frack continuing this really strange cat fight; reminds me of a lover's quarrel in a very strange disfunctional way.

Young Justin is being run by his hormones it would seem. He is also part of that shallow generation where all is superficial and originality is completely lacking. I mean, he uses that now second hand term "....Don't hassle the Hoff" for Christ's sake. Youngsters like him are more than likely to jump off a bridge if the older Blogging Tories were doing just that.

The Iceman is well, he/she keeps him/herself anonymous so I can't really tell except to say they're showing colours of insecurity and separation anxiety. 

I also discovered they have the same layout for their blog as mine. Remind me to rectify this problem. The next time I give my page a make over, I will more than likely attempt to design my own if I can find someone tech savvy to help with coding. Hell, I just may even move the show over to wordpress but I digress. 

Anyway, back to this 'Tragicomedy' to quote Kevron. The bone of contention is simply that Young Justin in fine form is having wet dream of See Sawah Run  run for President: he seems to think that a neo-con with looks 'n' legs are all that's needed to be the President of a  so-called super power.

The Iceman, who I will guess is somewhat older and thus less driven by hormones, seems to believe like the rest of the real world that See Sawah run as Pres would be a train wreck: much like bubble heads like Carrie Prejean.

Anyhooo, let the games begin!  

Young Justin is trying with all his spoiled child might probably even holding his breath until he turns tory blue to get Iceman kicked out of the Blogging Tories simply because Iceman expresses disagreement. Well, Well, Well... 

Here is another example of the Free Speech Chicken Hawkdom. Young Justin, like all good neo-cons loves his absolute free speech, except when someone, including a fellow Tory Blogger disagrees with him. Even more than that, in order for Justin to feel secure, he wants to make folks like that mean ol' Iceman go away.

Speaking of Free Speech, Iceman, how about publishing my comment? I think I offered sound advice. Yeesh! Some folks don't appreciate nothing. I wonder if he/she would publish the comment and may even consider the advice had it been another Blogging Tory.

Iceman too is starting to show some insecurity. I get the idea he/she is begging to stay with the Blogging Tories. How unattractive! I sent a comment which, of course is not published.  I basically told them that if Blogging Tories didn't were going to turf them because of a disagreement regarding the Alaskan wet dream, then maybe they weren't worth sticking around for. If they needed a host for their blog, I suggested perhaps finding some non-partisan hosts. 

Consider this one of those pre-week-end fluff pieces. I couldn't resist. Like I said, poking fun and conservative bloggers has become quite the substitute for nicotine withdrawal.

I am hoping that I can gain back my patience for research and writing well thought out opinion pieces or coming up with more satirical image montages for this blog which  this page was meant for in the first place. It's been difficult since quitting smoking.

It will be two weeks tomorrow evening @ 20:00 I had my last cigarette. I still don't feel like me and I think I'm going to gain 600lbs.

PS: If anyone can help me with coding for a blogger template...any help would be appreciated. Or should I just move the show to Wordpress??


Dr. Prole said...

Hey, do what you gotta do to get through the first several months of quitting. If that means keeping tabs on Romper Room, I mean the BT's, so be it! LOL!

I gave up cigarettes over 6 years ago so I know exactly how you feel right now. Keep up the good work, and email me if you need any support or anything. proleatacr at gmail dot com

CK said...

Thanks Dr Prole, Romper Room for Blogging Tories! I like that one!

They do need a babysitter don't they?

Patrick Ross said...

Do you find it ironic that you criticize Justin Hoffer and Iceman for a lack of originality, when you're basically only blogging about this story because Robert Peter John Day did?

CK said...

It was my observations of those two. It's hilarious. I do read the Blogging Tories because it is entertaining in every sense of the word.

Sometimes I do write my observations of what I find either totally shocking, repugnant or ridiculous and the Blogging Tories seem to have all 3, generally speaking.

I don't know who Robert Peter John Day is.