Friday, November 13, 2009

The Graduate - An All Time Classic

One of my all time favourite movies has got to be The Graduate from 1967 starring Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman. 

You couldn't help but feel sorry for Ben at times; you know, the perfect prodigal son returning home from College, graduating with all kinds of honours and winning prizes. The poor guy had to paraded around like a circus poodle by his parents at both his graduation and when they oohed and aaahhed around the swimming pool while Ben must show off the expensive scuba diving garb.  I'm sure most who had seen the movie must have thought to themselves: 'why didn't Ben simply tell his parents thanks but no thanks?'

I wonder if anyone actually felt sorry for Mrs Robinson? A woman unhappy in her marriage and life. I'm sure if she didn't attempt to make life for those around her as miserable as her's was, maybe she could have been a more sympathetic character.

Well, I happen to think that's why Ben caved into the advances of the unhappily married Mrs. Robinson.

My favourite scene, though, was the end when Ben is screaming "E-LAINNNE!!" over and over again outside the church where Elaine is marrying that Blonde all-American type every parent dreamt for their daughters at that time. 

Gotta love a man who would make an absolute fool of himself for a woman. Obviously, Elaine was impressed: I loved how Ben locks the entire crowd in the church by wedging the large crucifix though the door handles and they run onto the bus.

Anybody ever imagined what would have happened to all of them if they had the chance to write a sequel?

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