Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ok, These Supporters Are Dumber than Sawah: What's Your Excuse?

I saw this over at Canadian Cynic's. Unlike CC, I did watch past 1:43. Yah, it was a lot more folks showing that they're dumber than Sawah herself, CC didn't miss much. Most appear to not have beyond a grade 6 education. They've been brainwashed into believing Obama is a commie and only Sawah (or Glenn and Rush for that matter) care about freedom. 

If anyone of those buffoons and bimbos were to stop and think (yes, Canadian neo-cons too): What freedom? Think about this one very carefully: did they ever have freedom really? (Forget Obama as pres; but think even under Reaganomics, Daddy-O Georgie and Danny Boy and Georgie Jr and Dickie. They're more or less free under Obama.

I like that idiot with the steeler's jacket saying that Russia is across the street from Sawah's home. Wow! Cool, cross the street, and one can buy the real vodka.

I also like the idiot who claims that two of Obama's books are about his covert ways of turning the U.S. into a Marxist, Leninist, socialist state. How would he know? I don't think he can read anything beyond a picture book by Dr Seuss. Clearly, he doesn't know the meaning of any of those words.

Clearly, those folks don't have much beyond a grade 6 education, they look like folks who could probably benefit from health care reform the most and they're paranoid. Clearly unhappy people.

Since these folks are stupid, ill-informed and don't have lives, I can understand why they love Sawah: as one of those clowns pointed out, she is 'the rock star of conservatism'.

My question is, why do folks beyond a grade 6 education: folks who actually know Russia can't be seen from Alaska and that Afghanistan isn't our neighbor and can actually answer a question like what do you like to read, vehemently support Sawah for pres in 2012 or anytime for that matter??

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