Saturday, September 26, 2009

Political Bloopers, Birthermercials, Glenn Beck the Twitter Twit--Saturday Night Brain Drain Fun

Political Gaffes

From Moderate Union : nice to have the political version of America's Bloopers & practical jokes.


Yes, you got it hear: courtesy of Talking Points Memo. With all it's sleaziness, minus the DDS Esquire Zsa Zsa Gabor look alike. For 30$ U.S., you too can have a Birther Bumper Sticker!! Gotta love Right-Wing America; Wow!

Also worth mentioning again: if ever you're bored silly, you can create your very own Kenyan Birth Certificate here

Birthermercial below:  

The Twit-Laureate of Twitter--Glenn Beck

Anyone know that Glenn Beck was a poet?? No really! Huffington Post explores that here through his Tweets. A must read! 

Happy Saturday to All!!

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