Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Neo-Con Mantra and New Anthem!

Now for some late Saturday night brain-drain fun!!

I wonder if after some of these Neo-Cons listen to themselves & look at themselves in the mirror, photos & videos, do they even realize why they're the butt of sooooo many jokes??

First, from MSNBC: I got a chuckle from this commentator who goes by Ron Indiana.

The Conservative Rulebook—9 Simple Rules:

1. Any new idea, thought, or program:  Just say “No”.  If voting, just vote “No”.

2. If something is broken, like the banking system, the housing market, the auto industry, healthcare:  Just ignore it.  Laissez-faire. Maybe the problem will go away.  If it gets worse, blame it on Carter or Clinton.

3. If asked a question on taxes: Always say “lower taxes”.  Guaranteed to get you votes!

4. If asked a question and you don’t know the conservative answer:  Just make up something—the Palin ploy.

5. If it involves government spending:  Shout three times, “Socialism, Socialism, Socialism”.

6. If it involves going to war, torture, or violating the Constitution:  Vote “Yes” and say “I agree with Cheney and Limbaugh.”

7. If it involves debating with an opponent:  Smear and lie.  Even though untrue, you have left a dirty mark.  If the media challenges you:  Shout  twice “Liberal Media” .

8. If you get to sit in the presence of the POTUS:  Shout “You lie!!” and then do a mea culpa.

9. If you stress “family values” in public:  Go have an affair.
a) Two points for a gay relationship. (Craig option)
b) One point for a prostitute. (Vitter option)
c) One point for a lobbyist. (Sanford option)
d) Five points for someone on your own staff. (Ensign option)

It’s not hard and it doesn’t take much practice.  So grab your gun and go forth and lie.

She got lost in Canada??
Courtesy of Huffpost

Here's a keeper!! I wonder if God hates her??
Courtesy of

The Neo-Con Anthem

Now, I saved the worst for, well, next to last.  After reading this morning's Unrepentant Old Hippie's posting this morning, I stumbled onto this video. Call it the new neo-con anthem. Even the melody is cheesy. The blogger did warn readers to just read the lyrics & keep the sound off. However, being morbidly curious, much like those who stare at train wrecks & chase fire engines all over town, I watched it with the sound on! YECH!

I am still wondering if this a joke song??  Come to think of it, why are some  like-minded bloggers posting this to their pages?? 

There is plenty more week-end brain drain fun where that came from. Thanks JJ!

I can`t believe alot of Canadians actually aspire to this way of life.

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