Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Sweetheart of "Faux" News &the Darling of the American Right...The Lies Continue

Well, she's baaack!! That's right America's Right Winged Darling was being interviewed on Faux news. Inspite of the fact no one says she would have died & that Doctors who have been interviewed said that no one dies of the is condition; she still maintains that would not have survived had she waited in Canada.

What's worse (not that I'm surprised) is how biased Faux News (took the nick name from A Creative Revolution) is. They also had T.R. Reid, the author of  The Healing of America-The Search for Better, Cheaper & Fairer Health Care & he must be wondering why they even had him on. Clearly the host wanted nothing to do with him, while not letting him get a word in or interrupting him while he does. An example of this is when Reid cited info from the John's Hopkins School of Medicine declaring that more Americans Go To Canada for treatment, he was dismissed while the host turned immediately to Shona Holmes. Yes, after all, she is their star & they certainly can't have an American of reason stealing her thunder now can they? While T.R. Reid mentions a study done at a reputable U.S. medical school; Shona refutes that arguement citing absolutely no facts & no study, yet she has more credence than Reid. Yah, REAL Responsible media.

You can read an article by T.R. Reid debunking a few myths in the Washington Post  on August 23, 2009.

Shona Holmes also states that it's absolutely untrue that Americans come to Canada for health care. Well, Shona, meet Kathleen & Maureen, two American women living in B.C. who as much as they would like to go back state side, they can't. Gee, I wonder why?? 

What's even funnier is in August, before this little smut fest, I wrote a letter to Shona Holmes (you can find a copy of my letter here), I did send her the link to this second video featuring Kathleen & Maureen. 

I know that at the very least, my letter was read by her husband, David given that he had already attempted to to antagonize me online,  along with Mario Coluccio,  the managing director of CMPI, a public interest group lobbying against President Obama's health care reform.

Another thing that pisses me off about Shona Holmes is that she presumes to speak for all Canadians, particularly sick Canadians. NO, she means Rich Canadians. 

What is ironic is that the American Health Insurance industry that Holmes so vehemently defends would refuse her coverage due to a pre-existing condition.  Had she been living state side, she would still have had to take out a mortgage on  her house. If Canada adapted this American Health Care system, she would still have to mortgage her home. Under both those circumstances, she would never be able to sue her government.

What is hypocritical is that she & her merry band of Conservatives, like Canadian Constitution Foundation don't believe the Government should be involved in health care; that the Free market should take over health care & yet they`re suing the Ontario Government. Well, isn't this lawsuit essentially asking for Government to get involved??

You can hear an interview done on CBC's The Current with Kathleen Kelly yesterday here. It's under the heading Medical Exile - Patients First. 

Apparently, a hearing is supposed to begin soon in the Shona Holmes' law suit & let's all hope & pray that OHIP & the Ontario Attorney General have their shit together. A  win for Holmes & CCF would indeed be very damaging to Canada's Universal Health coverage whether or not ol' Stevie ever gets a majority government as I`ve already illustrated in a previous posting

Affordable & quality health care should & must be available for ALL. This is one thing where Capitalism should play no part in.

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