Saturday, December 5, 2009

Two Anniversaries Never to be Forgotten

Stevie Begged the GG to Close Up the Shop

It had been a year ago yesterday,  the governor general allowed Stevie to close up the shop.  Boy, was he afraid of the big bad coalition of 'socialists', separatists and the Liberals under Stephane Dion. An earlier indication of Stevie's running away when the going gets tough.

I wonder if anybody dared to wonder what we would be looking at had the Governor General said no to closing up the shop. Would we have still been governed by this coalition led by Stephane Dion? Would Iggy have been long since gone from the picture?

I realize that a lot of Canadians didn't like the idea of this coalition, but I tend to wonder if we weren't better off with them? 

Between Stevie running away from a crisis to be at some insipid event like Timmy's or gallivanting with the Royals to clearing a room at climate change talks to getting lambasted by Ban Ki Moon, secretary general of the United Nations and the Chinese Premier, he has got to be the most embarrassing Prime Minister Canada ever had.  

I dare say, it must be embarrassing telling someone who lives overseas that we're Canadian.

Twenty Years Tomorrow Marc Lepine Shot up the Polytechnique

Yes, twenty years ago tomorrow, on December 6, 1989 was when Marc Lepine went and shot up the Ecole Polytechnique, the engineering school of Universite de Montreal.

Here is an article written by three former Polytechnique students; two of whom were shooting victims of Marc Lepine that fateful day.

This anniversary should be a reminder as to why the Long Gun Registry should not be scrapped.   Marc Lepine used a ruger mini 14, one such gun that would be on the list of rifles and shotguns to need not be registered if this registry is scrapped. The police used the registry every day to do their work.

Here is the podcast where Daisy Kler of Rape Relief talks about where we're at today with regards to feminism, the attitudes toward feminism and violence.

Have we really moved forward? 

Certainly not with regards to gun control if the long gun registry is scrapped. We will be headed to a society where citizens will be walking the streets with guns just like in the U S or A. 

Some may argue that only law abiding citizens register their guns. True perhaps, but we've seen too often law abiding citizens turn violent, go crazy, become mentally ill or start living a life of crime.

We have to register our dogs with the city, but not guns which kill people?

One of the famous arguments in favour of scrapping the long gun registry is the costs. Harpercons and their groupies say it costs way to much to keep. Well, Heidi Rathjen, one of the survivors of the Polytechnique massacres, gun control activist and co-author of yesterday's  Rabble article  about the reflections of the 20th anniversary of the massacre disagrees

"Well, it's true that it cost a billion dollars over ten years to implement, but not the registry. The billion dollars applies to the possession permits, which is what gun owners need to own guns. They had to screen two million gun owners."

She also goes on to say that the registry actually costs Canadians nine cents per year to keep it going.  It is indeed a small price to pay to keep us safe.

Funny how the Harpercons talk of gettin' tough on crime, but they are willing to take away a crucial tool the police used everyday. I wonder how they can spin this one?


Scott in Montreal said...

Good point about the "law and order" Cons chomping at the bit to take away a tool law enforcement agencies continually cite as useful to them. I have never understood why for some, registering a vehicle is okay, but not a gun.

CK said...

Or how about registering a dog. Scott, as you know, here in Montreal, we are required to register our dogs with the city. Not sure about other jurisdictions though. But you get the idea.

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