Friday, December 4, 2009

Orly Taitz- Sawah's Russian Sistah?

After catching the last story in Huff Post about See Sawah Run joining the birthers; is anyone really surprised? It was a matter of time.

Meanwhile, the Zsa-Zsa wannabe just lost yet another motion to get one of her many Birther cases before a judge. This time it was that Judge Carter from California who dismissed it. She must be crushed after going batshit crazy on steroids on various tv shows being so sure this judge would rule in her favor. Hope does spring eternal in these people's lives.

I wonder if Orly and Sawah waved at each other when Sawah was, you know, watching Russia from her front porch?

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Anonymous said...

Only if Sarah stood on the chimney top. It's a real looooooooooong way to Moldavia, so she'd need the height. Except that when it's day in Alaska, it's night in Moldavia and vice versa.

Peering from darkness into light or from light into darkness presents problems. And it goes double for dimbulbs like Sarah, also!