Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I Always Knew Chuckles Adler was a Yahoo and a Redneck

I can't remember the name of that commentator of at Searching For Liberty's page, a conservative blog, from yesterday. I do remember him or her leaving a comment with a list of all that is so-called Left winged. Media was on his/her list. I responded that mainstream media was as slanted to the right these days. Well, here's an example of how rednecked some of these hacks can be. What holes do these media outlets crawl into to find these rednecks, anyhow?

I first caught this over at Pale's . Then I read Chuckles' little ranting and I am reminded as to why I nick named him the redneck of Winnipeg. Sooo glad CJAD no longer has him as a pundit.  Yes, if Chuckles wasn't so damned ignorant and offensive, he might even be somewhat amusing.

"The scenario is that our soldiers -- who have been in that hellish, brutish part of the world, where NONE of you want to spend one hour, never mind one year, two years, three years, how about the last eight years..." 

No we don't. Do you, Chuckles? Have you?  What's your point?  That no matter what, the Afghan insecurity forces can do no wrong? What do you think of child molestation perpetrated by these very same insecurity forces, and Canadian troops seeming to look the other way,  Chuckles?

He too, is not sympathetic to the allegations of torture, much like that useless shrew and chicken hawk, Christie Blatchford. 

Here's something else of interest. He blathers on about how those of us against the war in Afghanistan are elitist snobs sitting on our fat asses with our lattes in coffee shops.

Gee, Chuckles, are the family members of the late Jonathan Couturier a bunch of elitest, latte sipping couch potatoes? They're very much against the war, as was Jonathan, himself prior to going to Afghanistan. 

If wanting our Canada who helps others in need and doesn't break international laws such as Geneva Conventions makes us quiche eating latte sucking elitests...then so be it. If that thinking makes you warm and fuzzy at night.

Although, personally, I'm more down to earth and certainly less pretentious than chicken hacks like you are.

Speaking of fat asses, Chuckles, have you weighed yourself lately? I don't see you signing up to the war effort. I don't even see you signing on with organizations like Reporters without borders. Your usual redneck language doesn't scare us so-called 'elitests', although, I do like a good latte from time to time; my work is near so many coffee shops.

Chuckles is another Chicken Hawk who likes to talk the talk, but when it comes to putting his money where his mouth is; FAIL!! 

Why should we expect more?

Here's Chuckles trying to out elite Julian, Ricky and Bubbles. See? How can I be an elitist if I know the names of the Trailor Park Boys?


Anonymous said...

He wouldn't post my comment, hoser that he is.

Anonymous said...

Ahem, the word is elitist.

Anonymous said...
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