Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas: Another thing Wrong with Capitalism

I found this National Lampoon video on one of my Facebook friend's pages. It's humorous but sad at the same time.  Some humor always has some element of truth behind it. This video is a great example of this.

I hate Christmas. Every year and Every generation, it gets worse, and no doubt, more expensive for families as technology evolves, as the above video illustrates. More excess, more self-indulgence and more commericalism. People flocking to the shops being fooled by so-called specials from store pamphlets and catalogues but really getting gouged more at the check out counter. 

We also tend to be more gluttonous at Christmas. In addition to expensive gifts and trying to out do the neighbour's electricity bill, we eat a hell of a lot more and more of the types of junk foods we tend to leave alone for the rest of the year.

Instant happiness purchased from the mall. Hmmm. Sends folks, especially kids, the wrong message; that happiness can be bought; that we can only be happy if we have lots of stuff; particularly stuff we don't need and probably won't use.

Society has gotten not only more shallow but they do live in a bubble and they tend to forget that Christmas is the worst time of year for most folks. Lots of people are too poor to keep up with with what's being marketed. They're too poor to look after their kids adequately.

I get that most folks are either non-believers or just not that religious to commemorate the Birth of Jesus Christ, which I totally get. However, can it also be a time to remember to help our fellow man who is less well off than we are and less concentrated on self-indulgence and excess?

I remembered when I was really young, my family had me donate one of my presents to the local church's Christmas hamper to help less fortunate children. Yes, my parents taught my brother and I at a young age the importance of charity, to always remember that there are folks worse off, especially at Christmas.

I have to say that in recent years, I have not been able to give much except for non-perishable food and cheap dollar store toys and mits and tuques (also on the cheap; from second hand store) here and there for various community center's and church's Christmas basket programs, due to unemployment (yes, I tend to have unemployment issues most around Christmas). I try to give something because I know there are families who need the help.

I don't think most folks who are rich even consider teaching their offspring this or even putting this into practice. All just are racing to earn more money and have more material and monetary wealth than the neighbours. An endeavor for most to prove to be a colossal failure.

Anybody who is reading this post: I hope you will consider giving something or a bit of your time to help someone this Christmas. Hell, it don't even have to be Christmas. We should be thinking about helping our fellow man all year around.

This year, since I could be let go anytime (so much for the myth of government jobs being secure to all you anti- public sector types), until another assignment comes up at the agency,  I will only  stay home with my husband and go to Christmas mass at the church where I was baptized, like I do every year.

I will, however, remain my cranky self, perhaps even more so. Christmas is truly a hateful holiday.

Bah Humbug!! Who needs it?