Saturday, December 26, 2009

Getting There - Feel free to advise

I had no idea how difficult it can be to upload a page to your own site if one is  not that technically savvy. I had no idea how difficult it is to build a wordpress blog in your own domain.

Wordpress is installed, but nowhere near ready. I want to build my own theme from scratch in photoshop as I don't want to have another cookie cutter and end up with the same theme as bloggers I find excrutiatingly annnoying like Iceman. However, I'm somewhat discouraged after all the complications trying to install wordpress on my server. 

I have researched tutorials, but some argue one has to put all of this into Dreamweaver before putting it to wordpress. Plus, how to add the widgets afterwards (rss subscribe buttons, blogrolls, facebook and twitter links, etc. , etc.).

Some suggested artisteer and am playing with the trial version, but up to date; not that impressed with it as I can't have the dimensions of my columns as I like, leaving lots of blank space on the sides. It all has the same layout types.  I would have to purchase a version to be able to get full use out of it (there is a watermark and can't save with trial version). I'm not sure if it is worth buying. 

Anyhow, back to the drawing board.  Will post here when my show has moved once & for all.

Please, if anyone has advice, please leave it in the comments section to this post.

Oh, I hear Steve may prorogue again. Could he stay away for good this time? Or is that wishful thinking on my part?


stageleft said...

I've tried any number of CMS offerings over the years and wouldn't use anything but Wordpress at this point.

Setup a database on your host server, do the 5 minute web install and start posting.

Don't stress about the bells and whistles theming -- it's all about the content anyway :-)

And don't spend money on a theme (unless you really really like it), there are a gazzilion free ones out there that are good building blocks... find one that's close to what you want, download a good (free) CSS editor, and start playing with colours, images, and backgrounds (hint: Dreamweaver and Photoshop will just complicate the process).

Another reason not to spend money on themes is that you will eventually want to change the look of your site (we all do) - when that happens money spent on themes becomes money out the door.

All the other stuff (widgets, blogrolls, etc...) are handled in the dashboard - there's no doubt that there's a bit of work involved in getting things like your blogroll moved over, and your buttons set just the way you want them.... but that's what long winter nights are for -- aren't they?

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