Monday, December 7, 2009

Time Flies When You're Having Fun...Or Not!

It is exactly a month ago today I quit smoking and I'm still around to tell the tale.

 I have gained another 10lbs or not good! I was already overweight to start off with. I certainly didn't need the added weight, now did I?

I have somehow managed to continue to keep my blog active, but with great difficulty. I find that creativity has wained off and so has my patience. As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to design my own blog layout instead of being trapped on some site's cookie cutter. I used to love photoshop. Used to be soooo creative with it. Now I can't even come up with a design for it.

I have, however, tapered off making fun of Romper Room. That's only because the Blogging Tories have become boring and predictable. They're all writing about the same fricken thing, it's uncanny: 'climategate', their now favourite subject.  Even Dodo Can't Spell is starting to get boring.

Wouldn't all just love the irony if most try quitting New Year's Day as part of those New Year's Resolutions and I were to start again??  

Yah, still standing; still blogging such as it is...


Anonymous said...

Belated congratulations for making it a whole month smoke-free!

By now, you've probably noticed that the air smells fresher around the home and that your laundry is also fresher in scent. With time, the odours in the carpet and curtains will dissipate on their own.

How's your skin colour, back up to a healthier glow? I remember the third or fourth day after I quit smoking a person complimented me on how well I looked. And it was only my skin colour!

You use the phrase that you have quit smoking. I say that I've been smoke-free for 6 years. I think the wording reveals more about the underlying mind-set. It's a bit like the drinker who says he's not had a drink in two weeks and another who says he's been drink-free for two weeks. I find more strength in the second person's wording because it reveals an underlying mindset that's more positive and self-reinforcing--to my mind, at least.

Of course, you're going to gain weight since all that food not tastes sooooooo much better, doesn't it? But consider this, with your improved respiratory system, maybe a walk or a gentle jog or lope along the streets would help with the weight. Just think, you shouldn't get too winded.

Just think, you're getting better daily. This reader encourages you on.

In for a penny, in for a pound. Well, you've made the first deposit, so now continue on.

Good luck to you with your efforts at self-improvement.

From a 6-year smoke free pensioner.
For what it's worth.

CK said...

Thank you Torontonian for your words of encouragement.

Anonymous said...
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