Thursday, December 24, 2009

Season's Greetings To All!

Forget poliical incorrectness or correctness. This is my standard greeting for all.

I will be back sometime in January if all goes well. I will post then.

Had no idea how complicated it was to create your own blog. All that techie stuff. Learning as I go.

I'm still smoke free.

I wish all a Season's Greetings and all the best in 2010! 

 The following video features "River" probably my favourite Christmas song as it is not cheesy like everything else contemporary music would have to offer during the holidays.

I like the song because unlike most of the usual cheesy fair, this song is a sad one, just like how Christmas really is. It represents how I feel this time every year: I too, want to skate or fly off somewhere or just get away from this holiday ambiance. 

Sara Mclaughlin would later sing a version of "River", but I prefer the Joni Mitchell version. I also like the slide show here. Enjoy!